This coming weekend

It has been a long day.  Long as in nothing happening and I can’t sleep.  I guess I’ve got too much on my plate for tomorrow so I can’t sleep.

I have jury duty at 9:30 AM.  Then tomorrow night is the first game of the season for Morris.  They are only returning one starter on offense so it will be very interesting to see how they do the first game against a tough Geneva team.  It will be a good preview of what to expect the next week against Joliet Catholic.  I won’t see that game but I will be following it closely…very closely.

Hopefully Saturday will be a fun day.  I have some things in the works that hopefully pans out that would make Saturday a very good day.

I really have nothing worthwhile for this update.  I’m just not able to sleep and figured what the hell.  It took up a few minutes of time anyway.

Here’s to hoping for a good Morris victory.  I may take some pictures at the game.

Good day.
Edited with a quote from Marc Fusion:

Fusion3600: you ever watch deadwood?
iwafannin: never seen it
Fusion3600: it is awesome, you’d love this one character
Fusion3600: he is kind of like a meaner, more hated filled version of you

My question to the readers of this journal that have seen Deadwood.   Does such a person actually exist?  Do I need to become meaner and more hateful?  Is that even possible?

Fusion likes to ruffle feathers and agitate in hopes of it leading to great entertainment when I go off so I need to hear this from other people.

Comment away.






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