If this night goes any worse…it could be the death of me

I had discussions last night with Marc Fusion about the upcoming Morris Redskin season.  I voiced my doubts and my concerns.  I told him that I wouldn’t be surprised if they lost as many as three games.  I may have been too optimistic.

They had 9 players out due to injury tonight, 2 of them captains.  The number 1 and number 2 tailback out.  All three top defensive ends out. They are all out at least 4-5 weeks.  Expect huge losses to Joliet Catholic and Oswego to follow.

It was 19-0 Geneva when I left.  It was 31-0 when I turned off the radio upon my return home.  Geneva was going for an extra point so it could have gotten worse and that was just midway through the third quarter.  ***edit*** I see the final score ended up being 37-0.  Worst loss in my lifetime for Morris but I suspect the JCA game next week will be much worse.

Some will probably give me grief for leaving the game.  I can’t stand to see my beloved squashed like that.  I expect that from the Cubs so I can stomach it.  This the time of the year that I look forward to and know that I can get joy out of every year.  Now that has been ripped away from me.  I’m sick to my stomach.  I would have cried on the way home if I weren’t in such shock about it all.

It got me to thinking about several things.  It got me to wondering if it were on the same level of devastation and destruction to me as the car ride during Hardcore Homecoming when my world got broken apart and crushed.  I at least was 3/4 of the way there when that occured.  This was just a total shock.  I decided that it was not as devastating but to even mention it in the same breath tells you how bad I felt about this game.  I’m very happy now that Ian put the Lethal Lottery on the same night as the JCA game cause I couldn’t bear to watch that.  You might as well kill me than make me go through that.

Since I’m completely and totally depressed now, I have to hope that my plans for tomorrow do not fall through.  I don’t have any directions yet for where I am supposed to go so I don’t know if they will happen or not now.  I could really use a good tomorrow.  I’d tell everyone that reads this to ask and pray for a happy Fannin but the last situation in which I asked for that blew up in my face so I won’t ask for that.

Here’s to hoping for a better tomorrow.






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