The Wonder Pets found a way to save the day

Mickie and Joey will be very pleased to know that I finally caught the entire episode where the Wonder Pets save the baby penguin.  It was the first episode that I ever saw and Ian’s little cousin turned it off before the penguin was saved so I didn’t know what happened.  I talked Mickie and Joey’s ears off about it and they kept telling me to calm down and relax that they were sure the baby penguin was saved.  Well today I finally saw the ending and they just got there in the nick of time.  The iceberg that the penguin was stuck on broke and starting sinking into the water.  The penguin could have met the same fate as the Titanic but thankfully the Wonder Pets “found a way to help the baby penguin and save the day.”  They also had enough time to save a baby unicorn that got its horn stuck in a tree all in the half hour today.  That is some good superhero work coming from a duck, a turtle and a guinea pig.  I don’t know if Rugby Thug, Chris Hero and BJ Whitmer ever had that productive of a half hour when they were my Super Heroes.  Ok, I’ll stop talking about the show like I’m a giddy three year old and return to the damn near 30 that I am.

Tomorrow night is the first Quarterback Club meeting of the year for the Morris Redskins.  I will be stocking up on plenty of state championship memorbilia and there might even be some pictures posted of the stuff.  Chris is rushing home from work so he can join me and he can get his championship swag as well.  As it stands right now, I have to go back to the courthouse on Friday morning at 9:30 am for another round of jury selection.  If I get picked, it damn well better not run late enough to make me late for the game in Geneva.  I will be very upset.  If picked for jury duty, I’ll be trying to rush the deliberations on a verdict so we can get the hell out of there.

I went to the gym last night instead of in the morning.  I was going to ride my bike into town and go in the morning but my uncle was out in his driveway when I rode past so I stopped and visited with him.  So I only made it a block from the house.  I actually had a better workout by waiting all day and then going at night.  I had more energy to work off I guess.  It worked better for me being tired enough to sleep last night as well.  I may start going that route from now on for the workouts.

I might go to Chicago on Saturday and get an autograph from Don Kesinger for my 1969 Cubs ball that I have Billy Williams, Ron Santo and Ernie Banks already on it.  The Saturday the day after the Lethal Lottery show, if I can pull it off by getting to both places in time, I can add Fergie Jenkins and Glen Beckert to the ball.  I’ll have to see what is going on and work out my plans.

That should about rap up the wonderful events of my last couple of days.  Good Day.






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