My evening

Well I was able to keep this from being another boring Friday night.  It had a lot of same old same old to it but we’ll get into that later.

I called Stacy and discovered that karaoke was not going to fly tonight but she did have time to catch the late movie at the Morris cinemaplex if I would be up for that.  Of course was my answer.  I was able to get in three hours of That 70s Show goodness on FX before heading into town to pick up Stacy and go to the movies.

Stacy kept joking with me about going to see Snakes on a Plane and saying that she would buy a rubber snake to throw at me during the movie to give me a heart attack.  I told her that I had a nightmare that I went to see that movie and that they turned snakes loose in the theater to add to the atmosphere of the movie.  She called me a wuss and we crossed off that movie as a possibility.

She had already seen Talladega Nights so we discussed Accepted as a possibility but I really wanted to see Talladega Nights and she said it was a great movie and that she wouldn’t mind watching it again.  Talladega Nights it was.  I thought the movie was excellent.  I was almost crying I was laughing so hard.  It rates right up there with Anchorman and maybe even better because the kids reminded me of John Calvin!  Awesome movie and I’m sure that Accepted would have a hard time being that good so I’m glad that  Stacy was willing to see it again.

We went to Wendy’s afterwards and grabbed vanilla frostys.  Vanilla frosties are so awesome.  I know I’ve said it before but by God it is worth saying again.  Then it was time to take her home and then drive home myself.  As soon as she went inside, it started pouring like a son of a bitch.  Fun drive home I do say.

Now for some Jimspeak.

I know that tonight will be a night where I don’t get any sleep.  I will have plenty of things to think about it.   I will play several scenarios out in the mind over and over again.  I will analyze and overanalyze until I can’t stand it anymore and then I will do it some more.

Do you believe in second chances?  Can you right the wrongs?  Try again?

Hell I’m already doing it.

I’m calling it a night before my brain explodes for nothing.






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