Civic duty never ends

I gave an update on my myspace blog about serving as the foreman for the jury yesterday.  You can read about me finding a kid innocent (very surprising I know).  We all voted some form of guilty at first and then after arguing over felony or misdemeanor, we talked ourselves into innocent because there was too much reasonable doubt.

I sat at the courthouse from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM today for jury selection and they didn’t even get to my number.   Those of us that served on the jury together yesterday all congregated together and talked amongst ourselves.  We thought for sure that we would be picked again and then it became picking on each other about which ones would get picked again.  None of us ended up getting picked for this jury.   I will have to go back on Monday and go through the process again.  This time, they will start almost at my number so I will be in the front row and be one of the first to go through.  I will probably get picked.   The judge was a wrestling mark and asked me all kinds of questions Monday and then we had a long talk during the lunch break today about wrestling.  I’m sure it will be the same way next Monday and all the extra questions directed to me will draw attention and get me back on the jury.

I’m going to give Stacy a call a little later this afternoon and we might be going to do some karaoke at the VFW tonight.  I have not been to karaoke since I left in disgust when the one guy sang “My Way” after I had done a few Sinatra songs and hadn’t gotten to my big finale version of “My Way.”  Talk about stealing someone’s thunder but I don’t want to get worked up over that again.

images gone 🙁

The guy that works in the State’s Attorney’s office asked me today how I could let Ian book a show in Midlothian on the same day as the Morris Redskins vs. Joliet Catholic game.  I told him it wasn’t my choice for sure.  I’ll miss the carnival atmosphere surrounding the game but if we win again, I can at least buy the DVD at the Quarterback Club meeting and see the game that way.  Hell I wouldn’t be able to really see anything at the game unless I got there before noon and waited in line all day until they opened the gates.  It was a helluva atmosphere last year and will be the same this year but it wouldn’t be very conducive to watching the actual game.


There is a wonderful picture of Ray from the last Midlo show.  I can get Ray to choose Fannin.  I can get Fusion to choose Fannin.  Sox agreed to choose Fannin.  Unfortunately looking back at the plan of chicanery, we couldn’t get the main person to choose Fannin.  Not very surprising since history pretty much guaranteed it.   Ray was a huge help after the show with cleanup (as was Sox) and he was an extra driver to get people to the airport.  Kudos to Ray for going above and beyond…all the while advertising the greatness of ME.

Well I guess that about does it for this update.

Good day.






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