I’m bored and a little down so another update

I got a lot of pictures developed at Wal-Mart today and decided to get 2 new photo albums: one for my pictures of James Christopher and one that is a journal photo album where it has room around the picture to write the story behind the picture.  I think in hindsight it was a mistake to get that book.  I went through a bunch of pictures that I had just sitting in the envelopes that I got them back in after developing and picked some for my new album.  Some of the pictures were from a much happier time in my life and I picked a few to put in the album as a reminder that there was a time when things were great all around.  Sadly, those days feel like a lifetime ago.  But there is no point in crying over spilt milk.  Then there were some pictures from a time that was filled with hope and thus false happiness.  But again I digress.  I guess several days of being in the house by myself and 10 trips to Wal-Mart and a few trips to Midlo is enough to drive me loopy.

Toolman posted this on myspace and I like the idea behind it so I stole it and put it on my myspace.  Since that has limited access, here it is on here as well in order to increase visibility:

I’ll probably regret reposting this when Ray, Mark and Maniwa are the only ones to fill it out (I love the smartassness guys but some women applying would be go too).

I’ve given up on relationships and just going to have an arranged marriage. Fill out the application and I will pass it onto the proper authorities who will decide my bride to be. It will be like Coming to America, except I’m not an African Prince…

Phone Number(optional):
Hair (color and style):
Email address:

What Do You Think Of My…?
Choice of music:

[] go out with me?
[] give me your number?
[] kiss me?
[] let me kiss you?
[] hold me?
[] watch a movie with me?
[] take me out to dinner?
[] drive me somewhere?
[] be my bf/gf?
[] hug me?
[] buy me food?
[] take me home to meet your family?
[] would you let me sleep in your bed if i didn’t have one?
[] sit in the doctors office with me because I didn’t want to go alone?
[] re-post this for me to answer your questions?
[] give me a piggyback ride?
[] come pick me up at 3 am because my car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere?
[] Would u go down on me
[] let me go down on u

D0 Y0U…
[] think im cute?
[] want to do me?
[] want to kiss me?
[] want to cuddle wit me?
[] want to hook up with me?
[] care if i never wanted to talk to you?

AM i…
[] smart?
[] cute?
[] funny?
[] cool?
[] intersting to talk to?

[] thought about me?
[] thought there might be an “us”?
[] thought about hookin up with me?
[] found yourself wanting to kiss me?
[] wished i were there?

Answer truthfully and send it back to the person who posted

List your top 8 friends as they appear on your myspace list.
Friend ..1?: Ian
Friend ..2?: Maniwa
Friend ..3?: Mickie
Friend ..4?: Stacy
Friend ..5?: Ray
Friend ..6?: Fusion
Friend ..7?: Adrianne
Friend ..8?: Nena
Let’s talk about ..1!
Male or Female?: male
Age?: 36
Single or Taken?: taken
Where are you on this person’s Top 8?: 3 I believe
Have you hugged this person?: yes
Have you kissed this person?: no
Does this person love you?: yes
What song would you dedicate to this person?: Beautiful People
How did you meet this person?: I went to an IWA show
How would describe this person in three words?: loyal, hardcore, wrestler
What’s this person’s nickname?: Ian
Does this person’s personality match his/her appearance?: I guess so
How often do you see this person?: very
Do you wish you could spend more time with this person?: it would be hard to do that
Have you ever been in a relationship with this person?: we are best friends
Is this person better looking than you?: well he has a wife and I’ve seen other women hit on him so I would say yeah
Do you and this person laugh very often when you’re together?: yes
Does this person have any pets? If so, do you like them?: a dog named Max…yeah
Do you like the same music as this person?: we both like country
Do you talk on the phone with this person?: almost every day and some days more than once
What about ..2?
Male or Female?: male
Age?: 18
Single or Taken?: taken
Where are you on this person’s Top 8?: 2 as well
Have you ever hugged this person?: yes
Have you ever kissed this person?: no
Does this person love you?: yes like a brother
Was this person hot when you first met him/her?: he was a little kid
If you could do anything to this person, what would you do?: hug him
Who would marry this person when he/she grows up?: maybe Adrianne
Could you ever have a crush on this person?: no
Why or why not?: he’s a man
Have you ever drank after this person?: yeah
What’s one good quality about this person?: loyal
What do you have in common with this person?: lots of things…mostly we like the chicanery we cause when together
Have you ever fooled around with this person?: not like that
Who does this person have a crush on?: it better be Adrianne
Have you ever done anything illegal with this person?: I plead the fifth
How tall is this person compared to you?: taller
Yipee! It’s ..3!
Male of Female?: Female
Age?: 22
Single or Taken?: single
Where are you in this person’s Top 8?: 7 I believe…no love for me
Have you ever hugges this person?: many many many a time
Have you ever kissed this person?: on the cheek and on the forehead
Does this person love you?: like a friend…that damn friend word
What did you think of this person when you first met him/her?: too bad she isn’t 18
Is this person attractive nowadays?: very much so
What was this person for Halloween?: I have no idea
Is this person a skank?: no
When is this person’s birthday?: May 16
Has this person ever had a crush on you?: way back when she said she did but if she did, she got over it a loooong time ago 🙁
What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done with this person?: bungee jumped at Six Flags
How far does this person live from you?: 5 1/2 hours
Is this person crazy rich?: no
Would you do this person?: that would be considered rape because it wouldn’t be consentual
If you could go on vacation with this person, where would you go?: anywhere she wanted to go
Out on the floor, ..4!
Male or Female?: Female
Age?: 29
Single or Taken?: single
Where are you on this person’s Top 8?: Five
Have you ever hugged this person?: yes actually I have
Have you ever kissed this person?: nah
Does this person love you?: you’d have to ask her
Did you meet this person with the intention of hooking up?: I met her on the speech team and then tried to “hook up” and failed…miserably…like always
When was the last time you saw this person?: on Friday night…we went to a concert
Do you predict that this person will be hotter or uglier when older?: she has aged very nicely since high school
Would you ever ask this person to be your valentine?: yeah I could do something like that
Have you ever liked this person?: Stacy wouldn’t be on my Top 8 list if I didn’t like her
Where does this person live?: DeKalb
What’s the funniest thing this person does?: She dressed in a suit and modeled while “I’m Too Sexy” played at the first speech team meeting I went to to show what guys should wear. She filled in 4 absent Mike Melander
Does this person have any brother or sisters?: she has a younger brother
What is this person’s favorite band?: Well I know she loves Buck Cherry and Black Stone Cherry
Have you ever been in a fight with this person?: no
Where do you usually see this person?: wherever we meet
What is your relationship to this person?: we are friends
Man alive! It’s ..5!
Male or Female?: Ray is male
Age?: 36
Single or Taken?: the safe answer would be taken
Where are you on this person’s Top 8?: 1
Have you ever hugged this person?: nah
Have you ever kissed this person?: nah
Does this person love you?: in a manly way
Where did you meet this person?: parking lot of McDonalds in Merrillville, IN to give him flyers
How do you feel about this person?: he is a good friend and would make an excellent bodyguard
Would this person be a good canidate for president?: I would vote for him
If this person was of the opposite sex, would you go out with him/her?: I don’t think the world would be prepared for that
What’s your favorite thing about this person?: he is just as angry with the world as I am
Is this person jealous of ..3?: He likes Mickie
Have you gone on a date with this person?: no
When is the next time you plan on seeing this person?: Friday
Do you think you will keep in touch with this person when you’re older?: sure
Have you ever thought about this person sexually?: no
Have you ever talked about this person behind their back?: that would be dangerous
What’s the first word that comes to mind when you think of this person?: Bible
About time we got to ..6!
Male or Female?: Fusion is male
Age?: 27
Single or Taken?: taken
Where are you on this person’s Top 8?: 1
Have you ever hugged this person?: no
Have you ever kissed this person?: no
Does this person love you?: I am his favorite manager of all time so he says
Has this person changed since the last time you saw him/her?: his health has
How close are you to this person?: not very but we talk often
Which movie character is this person most like?: Satan from South Park without the gayness?
Do you think this person is hot?: he gets pretty fired up during matches
If you could change one thing about him/her, what would it be?: his health
Do you see this person a lot?: I used to before his health declined
Does this person have a job? What is it?: he works on movies
What does this person do that makes you laugh?: his actions during matches kill me
What’s one talent this person has?: writing
Have you spent the night at this person’s house before?: no
Are you secretly in love with this person?: no
When did you first meet this person?: he came to IWA to see me in action the night before War Games
Time for lukcy ..7!
Male or Female?: Adrianne is all woman
Age?: 20
Single or Taken?: taken
Where are you on this person’s Top 8?: 5
Have you ever hugged this person?: I think so
Have you ever kissed this person?: no
Does this person love you?: as a friend
If you met this person through a friend, who was the friend?: met her through wrestling
Does this person really deserve to be in your Top 8?: yeah
Does this person know when your birthday is?: maybe
Have you ever been shopping with this person?: yeah
Have you ever gone on a road trip with him/her?: yeah
When you see this person, what is the first thing you talk about?: probably wrestling I guess
How close are you with this person?: as close as can be with barely getting to see her
Are you related to this person?: no
Have you ever cooked for this person?: no
What reminds you of this person?: Maniwa
Have you ever had a crush on him/her?: nah but she is crush worthy
Would this person help you if you needed help in the middle of the night?: well I would never need help in the middle of the night
Great! We’re on to ..8!
Male or Female?: Nena is female
Age?: 29
Single or Taken?: taken
Where are you on this person’s Top 8?: 8
Have you ever hugged this person?: don’t think so
Have you ever kissed this person?: no
Does this person love you?: you’d have to ask her…if so as a friend
Was this person single when you first met him/her?: well we were quite young so probably
What is your favorite memory on this person?: San Antonio trip for BPA was fun
If this person tasted like your favorite food, would you lick him/her?: if I did, she would kick my ass
If this person was sad, would you try to cheer them up?: I’m not good at cheering people up but I would try
Is this person a hottie with a body?: yeah
Is this person fun to be around?: from what I remember
What’s the most fun you have had with this person?: BPA trip to San Antonio
If it was up to you and this person to repopulate the world, would u do it?: if the fate of the world rests in my hands…the world is in trouble
If you could do anything for this person, what would you do?: I would do what I could
Does this person like to hang out with you?: haven’t seen each other in 12 years
Have you ever lied to this person?: no
Can this person sing?: I have no idea
Random questions
Do you work with anyone in your Top 8?: yes…Ian and Mickie
Who have you known the longest time?: Nena
Who have you known the shortest time?: Fusion
Who on your list do you see the most?: Ian, Mickie
Have you slept in any of their beds?: no
Were you comfy there?: n/a
Is their anyone on your list you haven’t met face-to-face? Who?: no
Could any of them crash at your house if needed?: yeah
Whose phone number do you know?: Ian, Mickie, Maniwa, Stacy, Fusion, Ray
Who would be cute together?: Maniwa and Adrianne are cute together
Are there any couples within your Top 8?: Maniwa and Adrianne
Who is the last person from your list that you spoke to?: Ian
Do you have more guys or girls in your Top 8?: tie
How many of each?: 4 and 4
Finish the sentence!
..1 hates it when…: I bring up the donut incident
..2 is used to…: chicanery
..3 is…: sweet to a fault
..4 got rid of…: her clothes that don’t fit anymore?
..5 screwed up…: his last attempt to conquer the world
..6 loves to…: watch horror movies and Necro Butcher matches
..7’s favorite…: animal is a monkey
..8 finally…: set a date for her wedding
Coupling time!
Would 7 & 3 make a good couple?: If Adrianne and Mickie hooked up, there better be someone with a camera around
Would 1 & 2 make a good couple?: Ian and Maniwa would clash too much
Would 5 & 6 make good partners in crime?: Ray and Fusion are members of the Horsemen so they are partners in crime even though the four of us haven’t been together at one time since forming
If 1 & 8 were a same-sex couple, who would be the man?: Ian
Do 2 & 7 work well together?: Maniwa and Adrianne work very well together
7 & 8 would make one hell of a sex-tape, right?: Adrianne and Nena would be one helluva sex tape
Does 3 even know 6?: Mickie does indeed know Fusion
Would you rather go out with 4 or 5?: Well I love Ray in a manly fashion but I’d much rather go out with Stacy
Have 1 met the other seven?: Ian has met them all but Stacy and Nena
Would 4 make a good couple with anyone else on your list?: not if anyone else on the list knew what was good for them
Who would win a fight betwen 7 & 3?: Mickie could probably beat up Adrianne
Who would win between 8 & 5?: Nena is tough but I’m sure that Ray would win due to size advantage and knowing several ways to cheat
That’s the end!
Did you make it all the way through?: I’m here aren’t I?
Do you think anyone will read your answers?: I know Ray will
Do you think anyone on your list will do this survey?: Ray might

I guess I could try to go to sleep.  Tylenol pm here I come.  Good night.






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