This is the world spinning out of orbit and crashing into other universes

I have just returned from my concert with Stacy tonight.  It was a night of heavy metal music.  I have never really ever listened to such music before but it wasn’t bad.  As a matter of fact, I liked it (duck cause that debris is the sky falling.)

The concert was supposed to be Buck Cherry but the lead singer had laringititis and was in the hospital and had to cancel.  They went on with the concert with a couple of other bands and the original opening act.  We listened to a band named A.D.D. and they weren’t too bad.  The second act was called Signal and well they weren’t good.  The lead singer just kind of screamed at the top of his lungs and wasn’t really singing.  The third act was Bangkok 5.  The lead singer was entertaining at least.  He was spitting everywhere, grabbing his crotch, called everyone “motherfuckers” about 20 times (which might break Bull Pain’s record for a promo), jumped off the speakers about 5 times, spit water on the drummer, acted like he was shooting up drugs in his arm and other random acts of craziness.  {side note:  this was an all ages show at a bar…they have Gallagher, the comedian that smashes fruit with a hammer, in a few weeks and that is a 21 and over show only.  What the hell can he do that is worse than what Bangkok 5 was doing tonight?  I’m intrigued to say the least.}

The final act of the night was Black Stone Cherry.  They were awesome.  The drummer stole the show.  He was a white dude with an afro bigger than the one sported by Andre The Giant in the late 70s/early 80s.  For those that may not know what that means, here is a picture to compare it to:

images gone 🙁

He did a 5 minute drum solo that brought the house down and then did 2 minutes without drumsticks and just using his bare hands that was very impressive.

I think at one point, my head was bopping while my foot was tapping and my hand was tapping the railing so I had three things going at once.  That is a new record for me.   Stacy had a great time so that is a good thing.

We then left the concert and went to eat at Denny’s which happened to be basically right next door.  Ian and Mickie will get the significance of what is about to be said.  I did NOT order the double cheeseburger and fries.  Instead I went with the All American Slam.  {Side note:  At Taco Bell the other day, I almost gave Ian a heart attack by putting fire sauce on my taco.  I didn’t like it but just the fact that I tried it was enough to cause his heart to skip a beat.  He asked if random acts of kindness to strangers was next.  I told him about watching the Wonder Pets and how they had to teach an inchworm that change is ok because it was worried about it’s friend that was a caterpillar but turned into a butterfly.  Watching Wonder Pets has paid divedends already}

Stacy mentioned how I’m no where near as angry and much more mellow now than when I was in high school.  {Stop laughing all of you.  It is surprisingly enough a true statement.  I was MUCH worse in high school.}

We then returned to Morris.

I had a great time.  The universe is definitely off kilter with me trying new things and having fun.  Perhaps I liked the heavy metal music because of the company I was with but either way, it was a fun Friday night.

Time for bed since I’m up way past my bedtime!






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