West Virginia…2 rants

I am back home after taking Ian and Mickie back to Louisville.  We didn’t  get to Louisville until 4 am on Wednesday morning.  We slept for about 3 to 4 hours and then Mickie, David Parks, Bull and I headed out for West Virginia.  100 degree plus heat.  No air conditioning in the ring truck so I was smart to take my own car so I could be comfortable.

Wendy’s now has vanilla frostys.  It is about damn time.  They are wonderful.  Anyways onto the show.  I pissed Bull off royally.  I told him that I loved Brain Damage and that I call him “The Terminator” on commentary.   Bull asked me to manage him on the show and I declined because I would rather watch him vs. Brain Damage instead of being involved and such so Bull got very angry.  I’m have to watch my p’s and q’s from now on around him.  It motivated him to take it right to Brain Damage though and see if he lived up to my hype.  The match was brutal as hell.  However, I enjoyed the special appearance by Sweet Sapphire and the Midnight Rider.  I tried to get pictures but it was very dark and they were very mysterious.  Here is what I came up with:


images gone 🙁

We returned to Louisville yesterday and got in around 5 pm.  I thought about heading right back out to Morris but I decided to watch the missed episode of Entourage and visit with Ian and James Christopher.

I left rather early this morning because I had to get back relatively early.  I am going to see Buckcherry tonight in Mokena with Stacy.  It should be a fun time.  I don’t really know any of their stuff but it is something to do other than sit in the house.

I now have two rants and one observation from the trip home today.

Rant One:

I stopped at a truck stop in Crawfordsville, Indiana in order to get gas, food and use the restroom.  As I was in the bathroom, some guy came in and just started talking to me about the weather.  He then started talking about how it will affect the fruit and vegetables harvest and then said that fruits and vegetables were “sexy.”  I almost broke into a full sprint to get out of the bathroom.  Man Law should state that you never talk about anything other than a woman as being sexy in a men’s restroom and for the love of God, I don’t want to be having conversations with strangers when I’m doing my business anyway.  Grrrrrrr.

Rant Two:

They were talking on the radio about how Brad Penny wouldn’t give Greg Maddux his number when Maddux got traded to the Dodgers.  Fuck Brad Penny.  When Brad Penny is a shoo-in for the Hall of Fame and has over 300 wins instead of being a third rate hack then you can keep your number.  What happened to respect?  I see it in younger wrestlers and I guess it is in all sports now.  Double grrrr.

Well I’m off to get ready for the concert.






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