Goodbye for now…edited from earlier

This will be my last update for awhile.  Tomorrow I head out to Louisville.

David Allan Coe on Thursday night.
Philly on Friday night.
Baltimore Saturday through Tuesday.
Philly on Wednesday.
Milwaukee on Friday.
Ian to the airport on Saturday…flyering with Mickie.
Pick up Ian from airport on Sunday…flyering.

Yes it will be probably about 2 weeks before you hear from me again.  Enjoy the time away from my anger and hatred and pointless updates.

Good day.
Tomorrow night is Greg Maddux vs. Roger Clemens at Wrigley.  I want to see Maddux pitch as a Cub and what time would be better than seeing the two best pitchers of my lifetime going at it in what could be Maddux’s last game as a Cub in Wrigley?  I won’t be going though.  I’ll be to Louisville by the start of the game and going to Wrigley by myself just isn’t something that I do anyway.  Here’s to hoping that someone I still get a chance to see him pitch as a Cub but it wouldn’t be the first time that I didn’t get something that I wanted.  At least this one is way down on the list.

I have a survey to leave everyone with.

First Crushes
Who was your first crush?: Lanette Udstein
Describe her/him?: shy and quiet little redheaded girl in my first grade class. Yep, redheads were my kryptonite from a young age
How old were you?: 6…I may have just turned 7
Celebrity Crushes?
Who was your first celebrity crush?: all out crush, watch the show just to see her – Allyssa Milano on Who’s The Boss
Who is your current celebrity crush?: Laura Prepon from That 70s Show
Rank your top 3 celebrity crushes of all time?: Laura Prepon, Denise Richards, Reese Witherspoon
Current Crush
Do you have one?: Not at the present time. I just failed miserably at a crush though.
Describe her/him?: she had reddish hair that became more strawberry blonde…appears sweet and innocent and nice. I call that quadruple kryptonite
Do they know?: well I’ve named names about three times in these things now so if she ever read one of those YES. Without reading them, yeah I’m pretty sure she knew
How are you going to handle this crush? Will you act on it?: I did act on it…half assed and guarded so with the talent level of Hulk Hogan in Mr. Nanny
Past Experiences
First Crush in middle school?: Michelle Richardson
How did that work out?: Jacob Lestina and I had a blood feud over her even though she couldn’t stand either of us. We became friends of convenience but that is another story
First Crush in High School?: Holly Mikulecky
How did that work out?: I asked her out…in front of my sworn enemy…she laughed in my face…My enemy used it against me for two years of torture
Any other experiences with crushes you care to elaborate on?: I think everyone is well up to speed on the Mickie story so no need to go back into that
Here’s more room if you need it: But hey I did learn from last time that slow and calculated didn’t work any better for me than aggressive and persistant worked on Mickie
Finishing Up
Why do you think it is called a crush?: it is called a crush because that is what happens to you. Crushed.
Do you regret any crushes that you had?: why regret?
Do you wish that you could go back and retry with a failed crush?: sure. but I would find another way to fail.
Do you have any advice for how to win over a crush?: I have never been successful so I have no advice
What characteristics lead you to acquiring a crush?: red hair, sweetness and innocence, damsel in distress like Kirsten Dunst in the Spider Man movies for I still believe in chivalry, intelligence






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