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Well it appears that yesterday’s survey got quite a response and then it just got to the point of craziness with some of the suggestions in the comments so I disabled the comments and it ended up wiping them all away.  Well people that know me know that the only thing I have more of in my body than loyalty is hatred.  There is no need to get into further and then have to shut down comments again.   My friends know my feelings and why I feel that way.  They know that he had 50 things that he could have done before, during or after the events that led to his being placed on the shit list to have caused it to never escalate to this.  The reason that Jimmy Jacobs only got one shot from the bat and got it to the safest place on his body to take it was because he was at least man enough to apologize to me after he did what he did.  He apologized so his punishment while severe was not as bad as it would have been if he had been a smug arrogant asshole and not apologized.  I will bring back up one thing from the comments yesterday…I will not live forever and neither will some people that are close to me.  If I or certain people are ever diagnosed with a terminal illness and have no consequences to face, heads will roll and it will not be pretty.  Jimmy Jacobs has already had his punishment so he is on the safe list on the shit list if that time ever comes.  The rest better hope and pray that I am not given notification of my impending death because, for some on the list, it is far too late to do the right thing and save themselves from the punishment that has been decided upon.

For those that can’t believe the hatred that I hold, you should meet my grandma.  Her shit list is much longer than mine because everyone is on it including me and my Aunt Faye.  Now you know where I get it from.

I have been thinking about what trades I would like to see the Cubs make and I have come up with two:
Mark Prior & Jacque Jones for Adam Dunn.  Dunn has outrageous career numbers at Wrigley Field.
Aramis Rameriz, Neifi Perez, Angel Guzman, Ryan Theriot, Glendon Rusch for ARod.  The NY fans boo the hell out of him so I’m sure the Yankess would listen to inquires about him.

Jim Hendry needs to get on those right away.  If he could get the Brewers to take Greg Maddux and Matt Murton for Carlos Lee, he should do that as well.  They had in the paper the other day that Brewers were interested in Maddux so he could pitch for his brother.

The gift cards from Best Buy arrived in the mail yesterday.  I went to get the new TV for the living room.  27 inch Toshiba SDTV w/built in VCR and DVD player.  Here is a picture of it::


image gone 🙁

Here is what the living room looks like now with the computer in there and the new tv:


image gone 🙁

I’ve already gotten the first coat of paint on the bedroom wall so that will be finished this afternoon and then tonight will be rearranging the bedroom and getting everything put back together cause the house being cluttered is annoying the hell out of my grandma.

Well I guess that is about all I have for right now.

Good Day to most.  Rot in Hell and take a broomstick up the ass sideways to others.






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