An eventful day…edited late night

I woke up this morning and went to the gym.  I did lots of lifts.  I am pretty sure it was more than I’ve done in the past hands down.  I was doing five sets on most of the lifts instead of three except for a couple of lifts where I couldn’t get more than four sets out of my arms.  I noticed that they have a bike rack outside so I went to Wal-Mart and got a lock for my bicycle and on days when weather permits, I will ride my bike into the gym, lift and ride back home.  It saves on gas and adds to the workout.  Tomorrow is supposed to thunderstorm so I don’t know if I’ll ride in to town or not.

I think tomorrow will be the tear the wallpaper down and paint the wall in my bedroom.  I have moved out most of the furniture from the bedroom that was in the way.  I think I will rearrange my room when we are done.  It hasn’t been changed around in at least 14 years so I figure it is time to move it around.

I have taken the computer and moved it out into the living room.  There wasn’t enough room in the bedroom with everything in it to change it around so the computer gets moved.  The living room is now changed up and once the gift card arrives in the mail, the new television will be bought.  Hopefully the ceiling fans get put in soon and the remodeling will be complete.  I need to get a new chair to sit at while on the computer because the bottom of the one I was using broke and the one I’m in now isn’t working.  I have to lean forward to type and that is bothering my back.

I guess that is about all for today.

Good Day.

I saw on ESPN tonight that some jackass is suing Michael Jordan and the guy that runs NIKE for $832 million.  Why?  Because of the pain and suffering caused from the fact that he looks like MJ.  He didn’t even look like him!  What the fuck is this country coming to when a lawsuit like that can even be filed.  I swear to God that if this jerkoff gets one penny out of this damn thing that I will sue Scott D Amore and TNA for a million dollars the next time Ian says I look like DAmore.  That is more pain and suffering than being mistaken for Michael Jordan.  Oh the pain and sufering caused by free meals and free hotel rooms by being mistaken for being Michael Jordan.  What a fucktard.  People like that just need to be dragged into the street and shot in the face for being a douchebag and taking up space.

I will now leave you with a survey that I did courtesy of bzoink.  It has some different questions that haven’t been asked on the previous 100 surveys taken there.

Tell Me Everything.
What is the last movie you watched in a theater?: Nacho Libre
What is the last DVD you watched?: Quantum Leap Season 1
What is the last book you read?: Green Eggs and Ham to James Christopher
What is the last song you had stuck in your head?: theme to Quantum Leap…off and on all night
If you had to sing in public, what would you sing?: My Way by Frank Sinatra at a karaoke bar
What is your pet peeve?: bad drivers, crumpled out of order money, stupid questions
Do you smoke?: no
Do you drink alcohol?: no
Do you do any recreational drugs? Elaborate if you like.: no
What is the last thing you Googled?: Chinese Horoscope and regular horoscope stuff for a survey I did the other day
When is the last time you were in a library?: I had to send a fax at the library several months ago
Name any pets that you have.: none
Name any siblings that you have.: none
Who is your favorite relative?: my grandma even though we are constantly having a power struggle for who controls my life
What is your favorite childhood memory?: I cherish all the memories with my mom and dad and grandpa
What is your scariest memory?: Bungeeing jumping at Six Flags with Mickie and Joey. That scared the hell out of me
When is the last time you were sick?: Bad sick has been awhile. stomach ailments at least once a week
When is the last time you went to the doctor?: I do not go to doctors…they just want to stick needles in you and charge lots of money
When is the last time you had your vision checked?: August of 2004
When is the last time you had your hearing checked?: probably in high school when they did the hearing and vision tests
Do you know your blood type?: O don’t know if I’m positive or negative
Do you donate blood/platelets/plasma/etc.?: If God wanted me to donate blood, he would have supplied me with a faucet so I wouldn’t have to get stuck with a needle to do it
Ever been in the Emergency Room?: yes
Ever broken a bone?: yes
Ever had surgery?: no
Ever spent overnight in the hospital?: yes
Ever visited someone else in the hospital?: yes
Ever put someone else in the hospital?: yes
What achievement are you most proud of so far?: I guess the fact that I’ve been asked for an autograph. I would never have thought that when I was growing up
What would you go back and do differently?: I would not have had the argument with my grandma a few months ago and told her that I didn’t want her living here anymore.
What is the last thing you bought for yourself?: Strawberry Milkshake flavored Muscle Milk at the gym today
What is the last present you received?: Mickie won a men’s bracelet in a claw machine and gave it to me but it turned my wrist green
What is the last present you gave someone else?: I got some flowers for my grandma the other day cause she likes having flowers in a vase on the table
What is the best present you have ever received?: Shaina got me a Charlie Brown lunch box and a Brian Urlacher jersey…Ian has given some great gifts…the stapler from Office Space by Fusion. I’ve gotten some great stuff
What is the best present you have ever given?: I’ve given Shaina some neat expensive things, same for Ian and I’ve given Mickie some things that she always wanted. I like giving gifts
Have you ever bought anything on eBay? If so, what?: yes…A Dallas board game, some Ric Flair figures, autographed Last Tango In Tampa program for Ian
Have you ever sold anything on eBay? If so, what?: yes – wrestling figures, autograph baseball and other odds & ends
Do you have an Amazon wish list?: no
Have you ever used anyone else’s wish list to buy a gift?: no
What is the best surprise you have ever had?: Well I was surprised that I eventually ended up having a two year relationship with Shaina after I responded to her im because at that time, I would never respond to an im from someone I didn’t know but for some reason I went ahead and responded to hers
What is the last surprise you had?: most surprises I’ve had are bad surprises. The last being something that I read on the internet not too long ago. Didn’t like it. Hurt. But I’ve learned to roll with the punches
What is your most prized posession?: My Morris Redskins jersey. Seniors are given their away jerseys at the end of the season when they play all four years. I want to be buried with that thing when I die. In Morris you grow up dreaming of playing for the Redskins and then after the four years of blood, sweat and tears, you cherish the memories and continue following the team.
Have you ever had roommates?: yes
Have you ever lived alone?: yes
Which do you prefer? Why?: alone when you don’t like the roomate ie UK…with a roomate when you love them ie Shaina
What is on the wall to your left?: Redskins clock, family photos
What is on the wall to your right?: family photos
What is next to your bed?: nothing now cause everything got moved out of my room for painting and remodeling
What is on your bathroom sink?: a bottle of liquid soap
Have you ever looked in someone’s medicine cabinet?: no
Have you ever stolen anything from someones medicine cabinet?: no
Have you ever been robbed?: yes. I had my money and my cutco pocket knife stolen off my keychain from a water park when I put the stuff in a locker and didn’t have a lock
Have you ever been cheated on?: no
Have you ever cheated? Ever get caught?: no
Have you ever been in love?: yes
Are you in love now?: no
Is someone in love with you?: not to my knowledge
Are you in a relationship with someone?: no
When did you last go on a date?: end of May 2004
Ever kiss someone on the first date?: yes
Ever sleep with someone on the first date?: no
Ever had a one night stand?: no
Ever give someone a wrong phone number on purpose?: no
Ever been given a wrong phone number?: no but I never ask for one cause I hate the phone
When is the last time someone turned you down?: every time I’ve ever been the one to ask. Officially it would have been Mickie whenever the last time I asked was
When is the last time you turned someone down?: never turned anyone down that asked me. Shaina is the only one to technically ask me
When is the last time you lied to someone?: to my grandma telling her I was in Louisville waiting for car to be fixed while we were in Baltimore and Philly
What is the last lie you were told?: I have no idea
What’s the strangest thing you have ever witnessed first hand?: The week that my tv turned off by itself and the bread fell off the shelf and almost hit my grandma and all the doors in the freezer section opened at the same time when my grandma and I were shopping at Wal-Mart
What scares you the most?: snakes in theory…that damn bungee jump thing at Six Flags in practice
What makes you happy?: holding James Christopher…being with my friends and having fun
What makes you sad?: thinking about my mom, dad and grandpa…thinking about my failures
When is the last time you cursed out loud?: tonight while watching TV…someone is suing Michael Jordan for $832 million for looking like him
When is the last time you laughed out loud?: watching That 70s Show tonight on FX
When is the last time you cried?: a couple of days ago
When is the last time you cried in front of someone else?: on the car ride from Pittsburgh to Louisville after Hardcore Homecoming show with Ian when I hit rock bottom
When is the last time you wanted to hit something?: how about someone? the other day
When is the last time you did hit something?: I actually don’t think that I’ve hitten anything since the barbed wire baseball bat shot on Jimmy Jacobs back in January…maybe it is time to do it again
Ever literally bang your head against the wall in frustration?: wall, steering wheel, table
Ever hurt yourself on purpose?: kayfabe
Ever thought about killing yourself?: too many times to count but mostly around time I lost my parents but a few times since then
Ever tried killing yourself?: My belief is that if the Bible is right, God had his son killed so we could live and thus if we kill ourself it is like saying F you God and thus direct passage to Hell
Ever seen a psychiatric ward?: no
Ever been put in a psychiatric ward?: no
When is the last time you had to fill a prescription?: I’m not a pharmacist
Do you take any medication regularly?: I take tylenol pm frequently
What is the last thing you did that you didn’t want to do?: wow. I don’t do things I don’t WANT to do. I’ll do things I don’t necessarily like but if I DON’t want to do it, I won’t do it
What is the last thing you convinced someone else to do?: I guess it could be said that I convinced Stacy to go to dinner and a movie with me the other night
Do you like the way you look most of the time?: Not most of the time but when I want to look good, I think I can accomplish it…like the other night when I went to dinner and a movie with Stacy. I thought I looked good
Do you use any bath/beauty/grooming products?: cologne, hair gel, deordorant, razor, toothpaste/brush, mouthwash…the usual stuff
Do you have a product that you consider a necessity? What is it?: outside of oxygen, water and food I don’t think anything is a necessity per se
Do you wear cologne/perfume/aftershave regularly?: yes
What do you consider your biggest weakness?: This has been gone over enough – a cute redhead with her hair in braided pigtails showing cleavage. I would give up family recipes, locale on weapons and secret hideout
What do you consider your greatest strength?: my loyalty
What would you say your personal motto is?: I have two – “Hope for the best but expect the worst” and “Speak Loudly and Carry a Barbed Wire Baseball Bat”
Who would you say your personal hero is?: My dad and my grandpa
If you could live in a different time, would you? When?: I would have worked well in the 1950s but the 1960s would have been the death of me
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?: The places I have been are just fine
Why do you get up in the morning?: cause I can’t sleep any longer and I have to pee and shit and I’m hungry and my grandma will pester the hell out of me until I get up
Do you go to sleep easily and/or on time?: I don’t sleep easily. I’ll toss and turn and think about stuff until I’m exhausted and can’t stay awake any longer…unless I’ve taken 4 tylenol pm’s
Do you sleep through the night?: No. I wake up to go to the bathroom or cause I’m sweating or I’ve had a nightmare
Do you snore?: yes when my sinus’ are clogged and I’m on my back
Do you prefer to sleep alone or with someone else?: I slept well holding Shaina in my arms but if I’m sharing bed on a road trip and trying to stay on my side of the bed, I’d rather be alone
How many pillows do you sleep with?: two on my bed…one on each side so when I toss and turn, I have a pillow at all times
Do you prefer cold air and blankets, or warm air and no blankets?: I have to have a blanket on me so cold air and blankets
When is the last time someone else slept in your bed?: my bed – the last time Shaina and I slept together so over two years ago
How often do you change your sheets?: grandma changes the sheets every week
How often do you do laundry? Do you use a laundromat?: Grandma does the laundry every couple of days…she needs to do the chores to make herself feel useful. At grandpa’s funeral she kept saying “who am I going to be able to take care of now?” The answer is me I guess.
How often do you vacuum?: not very
How often do you dust?: not very
Do you wash dishes by hand or do you have a dishwasher?: my grandma does the dishes
What is your favorite way to kill time at home?: television and internet
What is your favorite way to kill time when waiting for someone?: television and internet
What is your favorite way to kill time when traveling?: singing along with the radio
What is your favorite travel destination?: places I haven’t been
When is the last time you were on a plane?: 1994
When is the last time you were on a boat?: Mark Watson and his dad took me fishing on a boat out on a lake after my dad died in 1996 to give me something to do
What is the most ‘extreme’ activity you have ever done?: being tossed into thumbtacks barefoot. Oh wait I just put myself over. The CZW board is going to make 10 posts talking about how horrible my commentary is by mentioning that the five seconds I experienced that hurt worse than anything in my life but yet these guys are doing an entire match that way. See that is putting myself over by saying that the wrestlers are much tougher than me by being able to withstand that pain. I love fuckasses that have a computer and thus think that they are all knowing.
What do you want to do before you die?: take my enemies with me
How do you want to check out?: in a hailstorm of bullets and fire






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