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My cousin was not able to make it to the lunch today.  He had family obligations with his four daughters.  It ended up being just Chris and I going to Hooters.  They had the fucking World Cup or whatever the fuck that stupid ass soccer bullshit is called on all three televisions that I was facing.  The Cubs and the White Sox were on at the time and they thought that people would be more interested in watching a bunch of foreigners that no one knows or cares about run around kicking a ball and not touching each other.  They had two guys injured in the first two minutes of the game.  Wusses.  After enough loud complaining by me and several other people, management finally got the idea and turned the Cubs on one of the televisions.  The food was bad and the service was bad.  All the good that last week’s visit built up was ruined today.  Now the Joliet Hooters is back onto probation and it looks like Orland Park may be the destination again soon.

We went to Best Buy and I looked at television sets to get a new one for the living room.  I found a nice 27 inch Toshiba Flat Screen SDTV (I have no idea what the difference is between SDTV and HDTV but the picture looked great) with a built in VCR and DVD player for $500 and I will soon be getting $150 in gift cards for Best Buy in the mail (thank you rewards for living like JR Ewing with the credit cards).   They had another tv that was a 32 inch HDTV ready flat screen that was a bit more expensive but didn’t have the players built in.  I think I’ll go with the 27 incher.

I couldn’t help but spend a bunch of money when I was at Best Buy.  I got Seasons 2, 3 and 4 of Quantum Leap.  There were 5 seasons and I’m not sure when the last season will come out on DVD but it was a great show and I’ll have lots of watching to do especially once I get the tv upgrade for the living room.  I was going to get a bunch of John Wayne DVD collection sets that they had but I couldn’t remember which movies I already had on DVD.  My dad loved John Wayne and had over 100 VHS movies of his.  I would watch some of them with him so I got my favorite ones on DVD.  After I got home, I see that many of the box sets at the Best Buy have a movie that I already have.  Blah.

We then went over to Home Depot and I bought two ceiling fans…one to add air and much needed light to the living room and one for my bedroom cause I’m tired of the floor fan having to be on every night.  I am not sure when the guy will be able to put those in so I may call up my cousin that does a bunch of stuff around the house for my Grandma and Aunt Sharon.  If he can do ceiling fans and the bathroom sinks and medicine cabinets, I can get him to do that one weekend and then just have the ceilings left before the house is done with all the remodeling and fixing up.

Well I’m done for now.  Time to decide what to pig out on for supper.

Good Day.






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