Quantum Leap

Phone = kyrptonite.  I fared semi-well the first 10 minutes and could feel myself weakening the final 5 minutes.

Chili’s in 30 mintues.

I’ll have details later tonight if any are warranted.

I’m back home at 12:15 am.  As I have told Fusion, if I was Dr. Sam Beckett, I wouldn’t be able to leap to the next project yet but I wouldn’t be thinking I was doomed to be stuck here forever.

It was definitely a fun night.  We did a lot of catching up since we hadn’t seen each other in 12 years.  We talked about some old times but she said that she tries to forget high school because it is just bad memories.  Boy do I know the feeling.  Dinner went real long.  I was smart and took a couple of pills of Pepto before getting to the restaurant so no stomach ailments during the course of the evening.  I finished my meal quite a bit later than she finished hers.  Ian and company will get the significance of that statement.  I am a speed eater.  Nothing comes between me and my food…until tonight when I was slow and listening to her stories and telling my own.  Remarkably, there is a lot of ground that 12 years covers.

So after dinner we decided to go catch a movie at the happening Morris cineplex.  There weren’t many choices.  We decided on Nacho Libre.  It was a much better movie than I expected and she was the one that wanted to see it.  We thought that we were going to be the only two people in there so we booed when two other people walked in right before the movie started.  I got off a couple of good jokes that she added onto:

She was talking about the newest Batman movie being good and said how the guy playing Batman was a hottie but couldn’t remember his name…I asked if it was actually a good movie or if she just liked it because he was a hottie and then I said “I hate it when my fans like me just because I’m a hottie and don’t appreciate my talents” and it was after the dinner and she was like “didn’t you say at dinner that your fans were three guys?”  We got a good laugh at that.

Then during the movie…Jack Black loses an important match and gets kicked out of the orphange and says “I am going into the wilderness…to die” and I said “isn’t that a little overdramatic?” and she said “I read your blog…you are the king of overdramatic” and I said “yes and so it carries more weight when I say it”

This is the story of my life.  On a non date, I was confident with how I looked, was smooth and the evening went great.  Sorry for the slip back into the overdramatic.

Well I think it is time to call it a night.






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