Something must be done…edited

Last night was another don’t fall asleep until after 4 am nights.  I am getting tired of this.  Everyday this week has been the same.  Even when I take my tynelol pms they don’t work effectively.  Something has got to be done to end this vicious cycle.  I had an idea late last night but Fusion and Maniwa didn’t think it was a good idea and they are probably right.  I need to follow the advice of that Jeopardy question about the Godfather quotes from the other day and be done with it.  Easier said than done.

What is worse than not being able to fall asleep at 3 am in the morning?  The cable being out at 3 am so you have nothing to watch in addition to not being able to sleep.  I just ended up doing SuDoku puzzles for an hour and then the cable came back in so it was VH1 videos to the rescue.  Of course it could also be the fact that I was dead tired.

My grandma then wakes me up at 7 am so I can call the plumbers and see if they are coming today.  I couldn’t really get back asleep until around 9:30 on the couch with CMT on.  Then my grandma leaves to go to town and the phone rings and it is the plumber…he is on his way.

It ends up being the kid down the street that I used to tutor.  I took him from failing to the honor roll and now he is doing well for himself working with his dad in the plumbing business.  We hadn’t talked in probably 13 to 14 years so we talked some Morris football and some wrestling.  It was actually a fun time and worth being awake.  We have a functioning washing machine now and a new faucet for the small bathroom.

I need to make a flyer for the Midlo show and head towards the pizza place and stop at the Staples on Harlem/159th to get copies made.
Well that about does it for this riveting update.

Good Day.
I’m home from dropping off flyers.  I put myself into a much better mood.  How you may ask?  Why by spending money on James Christopher.  He is now ready for football season and watching football with Ian and myself.  I bought him three outfits from Babies R Us on the way home.  2 football and 1 baseball.

Here we go:


image gone 🙁

I so wish that the number would have been 73 but I couldn’t get that lucky.  I still think it is an awesome outfit and I got it big so he can have room to grow into it.


image gone 🙁

It may be Detroit Tigers colors but I still thought it looked cool.

And last but not least:


image gone 🙁

Tomorrow, I step into the time machine and go backwards 12 years.  I think I shall prepare myself by finally watching my Season One of Quantum Leap tonight.

That is all.






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