Yes its another update…live with it

I can’t decide which of these two comments from my Aunt Faye is funnier.  Maybe I should leave it up to a vote.  First, setting up the background behind the comments.

We are painting the bathroom and I am hating every last freaking second of it.  If you people think you’ve heard me complain before, you should get a load of me this morning.  Of course I was up until after 6 am and had to get up at 9 am to paint so I’m cranky to begin with.  I can’t stand tedious work.  Anyway, my Aunt Faye tells me to get used to things like this because “when you get married, you are going to have to do a lot of stuff like this to keep your house up.”  I had to take a five minute break to stop laughing at that one.  I couldn’t get enough of “like that is going to ever happen” and “what are you smoking?” comments out.  So that is funny comment number one to vote on.

Here comes funny comment number two – “Don’t you think that Mickie will one day come around and see what a great guy you are and maybe something could happen?”   I think that is how it went.  I almost had tears in my eyes from all the rolling they were doing once she starting talking about Mickie coming around.  Perhaps if every one else on earth died and she was drunk or possessed by an alien.  Not very likely things to happen.  So now you have the two comments to vote on for which was funnier.

God you have to love foolish optimistic people and their rose colored view of the world.

Well time to eat some lunch before going back to the swamp to finish the rest of today’s prison work.






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