This could be a first

I have completed a long ass survey on bzoink and there really isn’t any negativity in it.  It is just me answering the questions without hatred, anger or trying to be funny.  I don’t know how entertaining it will be but you can click on the link and read it if you want and let me know.

Long Survey that ask almost everything!
Lot’s of General & basic questions!
Full Name:: James Michael Fannin
Nickname:: JJ, Jimmy Jamm, Angriest Man in the World, Most Opinionated Man In the World, Negative Nancy
Birthday:: November 8
Zodiac Sign:: Scorpio
Chinese Zodiac sign:: I got tired of answering this as I don’t know so I looked it up…I am a fire dragon. It says I have a fiery personality, am stubborn and inspire trust
How old do you act:: Ian Rotten said that I act 70 the other day when David was talking about his sister
Birthplace:: Morris Hospital
Current location:: my bedroom
Hair color, length, & style:: dark brown, very short and straight, almost a buzz cut now
Eye color:: brown
height:: 5’8 1/2
weight:: 265ish
Skin color:: very white but I have gotten some sun lately
Your heritage:: not 100% sure cause I never looked into it but I’ve been told Irish (dad’s side) and German (mom’s side)
School grade:: I graduated University of Kentucky in spring of 1999
Left or right handed:: Right handed for almost all things
Sexuality:: I have none
Are your Parents still together:: they are both dead but they were still together when mom died
How many siblings do you have:: zero
Have any pets? if so, what kind & their names:: not anymore…I’ve had dogs, birds and a cat but nothing now
Your weakness:: Redheads or strawberry blondes, pigtails (braided), showing cleavage – I could keep no secrets if pressed by a woman possessing all those traits
your strengthes:: I know what I believe and I do not waiver. I stand firmly behind my beliefs and I am a loyal honest friend that will do anything for those I love
your fears:: snakes, needles, rejection, falling from great height, combonations of those
When’s your bedtime:: I don’t fall asleep until wee hours of the morning but I try to go to bed very early
1st. thought when you wake up:: I need to turn on the computer and I need to pee
Best physical feature:: there are days when I think that I am a handsome man but unfortunately it doesn’t last long
Worst phsical feature:: I’m overweight
Best character feature:: loyalty – you can depend on me to come through for you if I am your friend
Worst character feature:: My pessimism and my anger
What’s your religion:: I don’t really have a religion. I believe that a God exists because there wouldn’t be a universe without some supreme being having created it but I don’t know whose right
Do you go to church:: I used to go to church but I understand that God knows that I believe he exists and that I don’t need to sit in a pew to show that belief
Have any tattoo’s/ if so how many:: I don’t have any tattoos because I will not allow needles to touch me
Have any peircings/ if so how many:: Ever since it took 20 tries for the doctors to put in an IV when I was a kid, I don’t let anyone near me with a needle
Do you smoke/ drink:: I do not drink cause all the males in my family became alcoholics that drank and I do not smoke cause I don’t like the smell
Do drugs:: I do not do drugs. I’m not straight edge cause I need tylenol pm to sleep and will take aspirin if I have a headache but I do not do anything harder than that
What’s your pants size:: 44 waist relaxed X 30 length
What’s your shirt size:: XXL or 18 neck 33 sleeve in a dress shirt
What’s your shoe size:: 8 1/2 to 9 depending on the width…I need a wide shoe
Do you have an innie or outtie:: innie
What’s your biggest pet peeve:: Just about anything can irk me to the point that I’m ranting and raving and complaining
Do you sing:: I always sing along with the radio and the videos on tv and I do karaoke now
Do you believe in yourself:: If the outcome is solely in my hands, I believe in myself. I believe that I am a good manager. When my fate rests in others, I have extreme doubts like asking out a girl
Do you believe in others:: I believe in my friends. My trust and belief has to be earned. I don’t just hand it out to anyone.
How many CD’s do you own:: Not very many. Probably only 35-40ish
How many DVD’s do yuo own:: lots. Most of them I haven’t even watched. Mostly TV shows.
What shoe’s did you wear today:: My Gray, Black and Red Nikes
What’s your political affiliation:: I’m a conservative that mostly leans Republican but I do not get involved in politics anymore
Do you have any scars:: Yes
Do you collect anything? if so, What:: Autographs – Cubs, Bears; I have a lot of photos with different wrestlers…mostly who I managed
Do you like to be naked:: I do not like to be naked
How do You wanna die:: In a blaze of glory and I want to take some of my enemies with me. If it can’t be that way, I want to die in my sleep.
How long do you wanna live:: I want to live long enough to pass on the better parts of my life to James Christopher and be the best Godfather ever. After that, it is a toss up right now
Do you want to change anythnig about yourself? if so, what:: I would love to be happy. There is only one area of my life that causes my misery and since it is the one thing, I overemphasize on it and cause it to dominate my thoughts
Where do you wanna live:: I’m fine in Morris. I would be willing to move in the right circumstances
When was the last time you cried:: The other day
When did you cry the most:: The day my mom died. I cried for an hour straight laying on the floor in my bedroom. I didn’t cry again until I had to “tuck her in” before they closed the casket because I had to be the rock for my family to lean on to get through it
What’s the best feeling in the world:: when I would hold Shaina in my arms at night and was happy and had everything that I ever wanted
The worst feeling in the world:: When I left the apartment for the last time to move home to Morris after we broke up. The drive back from Pittsburgh with Ian after I was crushed a second time. No silver linings for me those two times. At least with mom and dad and grandpa dying they were out of pain and misery.
What goal do you have for this year:: A few. I would love to curb some of my debt. I would love to kill off the one thing that causes all my misery.
Whats your most cherished memory:: All of the memories I have of my mom, my dad and my grandpa.
What’s the last song you listened to:: Life Ain’t Always Beautiful was on the radio this afternoon when I was in the car
Doe’s playing an instrument make someone more attractive:: not to me
Are You in a relationship:: No
If so, with whom:: no one
How long:: 0 days
Are you in love:: Not at the present time but there are a couple of women out there that I could very easily fall in love with
Do you wanna get married:: Yes I do. It was a promise I made to my mom and dad before they died and I like to be a man of my word
DO you want to go to college:: Been there. Done that. Hated it.
Do you like thunderstorms:: They are ok as long as it doesn’t knock out the cable or the electricity
Play an instrument:: I do not
What do you wanna be when you grow up:: I already am grown up
What country would you like to visit:: Italy and Ireland would be great to visit
Do you regret anything in your past:: I try not to regret things because you can’t change them
Do you bathe daily:: I try to shower daily
Do you swear:: like a sailor
Do you get along w/ your family:: The ones that I see. I don’t see very many of them
Do you keep a journal:: yes
Sleep w/ stuffed animals:: I have the Cubs logo thing that Mickie won me sitting on my dresser and I have a lamb that was a Christmas gift when I was a month old in the closet
Do you have a good luck charm:: I wish I did
How many pillows are on your bed:: 2 but I only use one at a time. I am tossing and turning to all sides of the bed during the night so both get used
Do you drink milk:: On my cereal and for sunday morning breakfast
Where do think you go when you die:: I hope heaven so I can see my mom and dad and grandpa again
How many rings does it take for you to answer the phone:: depends on where I am. Sometimes I don’t answer the phone
What does scientist need to invent:: A time machine would be great
Are you a health freak:: no
What’s the worst weather:: cold and snowing heavily or extremely hot or downpour of rain
Can you do the splits:: not even close
Can you whistle:: yes
Can you write w/ both hands:: not legibly
Can you dance:: slow dance sway back and forth is my forte
Do you want kids? if so, how many:: 2 kids would be great
What would you name them:: Johnathon Mitchell and I don’t know – I owe Ian for naming James Christopher after me and I would like to also have my dad’s name in there
What was your weirdest dream:: I don’t remember my dreams very often
Best dream:: “Happily Ever After”…Mickie is going to punch me now
Saddest dream:: When I dream about my mom or dad dying
Dream you wish would come true:: Happily Ever After…if I going to get punched once I might as well get punched twice
Are you a neat freak or messy:: Anyone whose ever dealt with me at the gimmick table knows that I am a neat freak but at home I am more messy
Do you work:: IWA is my work
Where do you work & for how long:: IWA…9 years this November
In the bedroom!
Are you a virgin:: no
If not, when did you lose it:: when I was 25
How far have you gone:: see above
When did you have your first kiss:: first date with Shaina…Burger King parking lot in Corydon, IN when I dropped her off back at her car (we didn’t go to BK)- April 2002
Do you think your attractive:: I have my days
What’s your biggest turn on:: it depends. sometimes it can be the way she smiles. sometimes it can be the way she looks.
biggest turn off:: covered in piercings and tattoos. Women that look like they can kick my ass scare me
Would you like to be someone’s fantasy:: I don’t know. Depends on what the fantasy was
Are you the hunter or the prey:: I am a horrible hunter and I’ve only been the prey once. That worked out nicely for me
Kiss w/ eyes open or closed:: varies
Kissed someone of same sex:: no
Had a 3some:: I can’t get one girl let alone two
Ever had bad sex:: is there such a thing?
Had sex w/ someone then regretted it:: no
Was your first time enjoyable:: nerve racking and yes enjoyable
Freakiest thing your willing to try:: there is mixed company in the room
strangest place:: there is mixed company in the room
Where’s your favorite place to be kissed:: I would settle for the lips at this point
Does sex = love to you:: I would have to be in love to be having sex so yeah
Do you like to cuddle afterwards:: I love to cuddle
Do you like to cuddle in general:: yep
A little or alot of toungue:: little
Top or bottom:: too much information
Do you like the lights on, off or candlelight:: truly doesn’t matter
Is it shaved, trimmed, or wild:: too much information
HAve you ever had sex w/ someone of the same sex:: no
Freakiest thing you’ve ever done:: there is mixed company in the roooooooooom
About your friends!
Who’s your bestfriend:: Ian, Mickie, Maniwa, Chris
Who’s your partner in crime:: Chicanery is always around the corner when I team up with Maniwa
Do you hang w/ more guys or girls:: it is about even
Do you love all your friends:: yes
Wish you were closer to any of them:: yes
Do you hate anyone:: I have a lot of hate in me but not for any of my friends
Who’s the most like you:: Ian
Who’s the shyest:: Chris
Who’s the loudest:: Fusion
The craziest:: Sox
The smartest:: they all are smart
Newest:: Sox
Oldest:: Ian and Ray are the same age
Prettiest:: I’ll take the cheap way out and say all the girls are tied
Most honest:: not sure
Associate friends to words!
Have you ever?
Cried in school:: when they called me home to be with mom before she died
Slept outside:: yes and I hate camping.
Eaten sushi:: Never. Not even for money
Been on stage:: Yes
Shoplifted:: Yes
been to jail:: I was a police cadet so I have been to the station but never as a prisoner
Been dumped:: yes
dumped someone:: no
mooned someone:: no
picked your nose:: yes
Skinny dipped:: no
Ridden a mechanical bull:: no
Cheated:: I was a heel manager but I admit nothing
Seen a dead body:: yes
Been called a tease:: no
Been drunk:: no
Been in love:: yes
Wanted to model:: no
Done something so silly people still laugh about it:: lots of times
Failed a grade:: no
Been fired:: no
Lied to get out of work:: no
Had surgery:: no
wore braces:: yes
For it or against it!
Gay marriage:: it isn’t for me
Inter-racial couples:: it is ok
Abortion:: against it
Bush being re elected:: he was the better choice but that isn’t saying much
Suicide:: I think it is a free pass to hell
War:: for it all the way
Clothes:: for it when it comes to guys. Women…optional
Penises:: I need mine
Vaginas:: they are pretty nice
Women in the military:: go for it
Finish the sentence………
Walk on :: water
Look @ the :: naked women
Where did all the :: money go
Why can’t we:: all just get along
Strange, little:: for some reason kumquat is stuck in my mind 🙂
Isn’t it weird that:: I went with kumquat is stuck in my mind 🙂
Never under any circumstances:: will I eat a hot dog or sushi or run naked downtown
I wish:: I was happy
everyone has a:: price for the million dollar man
I am:: tired of surveys that borrow the same sections verbatum from other surveys I’ve already done
I hate:: way too many things to list here
Don’t take:: me too seriously when I’m on a roll
Just a few do’s…
Do you belive life after death:: yes I do
Do you believe in life on other planets:: it is possible but I have seen no proof
Do you believe in magic:: no
Love @ first sight:: not really
Believe in god:: yes
Believe in satan:: yes
Ghosts:: yes
Santa:: no
Evolution:: not in the way scientists would like to me to believe. Things change but that doesn’t mean that religion is wrong
the easter bunny:: no
the tooth fairy:: no
the last…
person you touched:: my grandma
You hugged:: my grandma
Instant messaged:: Maniwa and Fusion earlier today
Called:: plumber this morning to arrange having some work done here at the house
Kissed:: Mickie on the forehead about a week ago
Played sport’s with:: swimming stuff with Mickie, Ian and Joey at the hotel after I wrecked my car and we were stranded in southern KY
Hung out with:: Chris
Shoes:: nike
Radio station:: 670 The Score and 101.9 The Mix and country stations
Drink:: mandarin orange flavored water
Pants:: shorts
Shirt:: Morris Redskins state championship shirt. I don’t want to wear it and mess it up
Car:: My Honda has gotten me 265,000 miles. I can’t complain
Place:: wherever I’m having fun
Song:: My Way
Movie:: Godfather I and II
Moment:: lots
Color:: maroon, gold and white
Food:: cheeseburgers
Relative:: cousin Chuckie is like a brother to me. My grandma has been there for me for my whole life though
Least Favorite relative:: kayfabe. I will go back to not naming names
Favorite quote:: “I need two tickets” – David will get it
Number:: 73
Holiday:: Christmas
Season:: Fall
Book:: Have A Nice Day by mick foley
Magazine:: Maxim
T.V. Show:: That 70s Show
Band:: several
Actor:: Clint Eastwood
Actress:: Laura Prepon
Video game:: something from atari
Computer Game:: I have no clue
Anime:: I have no clue
perfume/cologne:: don’t have one
Animal:: elephant
Cookie:: peanut butter cookies from Subway
Song lyrics:: “I’m not ready to make nice”
Pizza:: pepperoni and pineapple from Maria’s here in Morris
Sport:: football
Ice cream:: vanilla
Meat:: cheeseburger
Smell other than Perfume/cologne:: food
This or that?
Pepsi or coke:: coke zero
Mc donalds or Burger King:: BK
Subway or Quizno’s:: Subway
Single or group dates:: either
Boxers or briefs:: boxer briefs
Thongs or panties:: indifferent
Shorts or pants:: shorts
Shoes or barefoot:: shoes
Books or movies:: movies
Mountains or beaches:: beaches
Night or day:: night
Dark or light:: dark
Sun or snow:: sun
Guys or girls:: indifferent
Strawberries or blueberries:: strawberries
Meats or veggies:: meats
French toast or waffles:: waffles
Chinese or mexican:: mexican
Cake or pie:: pie
Mtv or BET:: mtv
LAst time…
You laughed:: watching That 70s Show tonight
Cried:: the other day
Movie watched:: Star Wars III
Gum chewed:: trident citrus
Joke you told:: I can’t remember
Song you sung:: Life Ain’t Always Beautiful
Restraunt you ate at:: Culvers for supper tonight
In your significant other..
Eye color:: blue is good
Hair color:: RED or strawberry blonde
Short or long hair:: long
Body type:: a little extra padding. I don’t like skinny or muscular.
Does nationality matter:: not really
Peircings:: not too many
Tattoos:: not too many
Clothing style:: comfortable
Most important quality:: smart and nice
Most important feature:: cute face
Right now!
Today’s date/ day:: July 5
Time:: 9:12 pm
Thinking of:: sleep
Listening to:: nothing
Love someone:: sure
Does someone love you:: sure but not in that way
Know where your Mechanical bull is:: what
Is it raining:: nope
How many myspace friends do you have:: 66
Are you happy:: not really
Where are you:: bedroom
Wearing at this moment:: clothes I’ll sleep in
on your mousepad:: don’t have one
glad this survey is over:: yes






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