Independence Day…edited tonight

Yesterday was pretty much a wasted day.  I stayed at the gym for a whopping 10 minutes.  10 minutes.  It wasn’t even worth the amount of gas I used to get into town and back.  My grandma and I did scrub down the walls in the bathroom though to get that ready to be painted.  Therefore, I guess it wasn’t a completely wasted day.  Now we just have to decide what color we are going to paint it.

I’m not going to the gym this morning at all.  It closes at noon.  It is a holiday.  I don’t feel like working out.  I’m in one of my to hell with everything moods.  Maybe I’ll get out of it by Wednesday or maybe I won’t.  Only time will tell.

Fireworks were last night in the rain.  I was in bed well before they started shooting those damn things off however.  It was a waste of my tylenol pms however because I woke up sweating at midnight and then it was the usual toss and turn and think for a few hours.

Well I guess that is enough mindless drivel for now.
I went to eat with Chris this afternoon since he had the day off from work.  We came back to the house cause he wanted to inspect the work that was done on the bathroom and suggest ideas for further improvements.

I have this funny anecdote about my grandma.  I was filling out a bzoink survey and she wanted to know what I was doing.  She then got worried that someone would be able to use the information from the survey to track me down and cut my throat while I slept.  She needs to stop watching Inside Edition and shit and worrying about “internet predators.”  She definitely didn’t like my response of “well what in the hell are they waiting for…come and get me.”  So as a precaution to all you readers out there…be careful on the internet cause someone might find you and cut your throat while you sleep…my grandma says so.  I actually named names on the last two surveys over at myspace.  I have put warning labels on them so when Ray reads it he won’t hurt himself falling out his chair.  The world is still standing so I guess going against my better judgement hasn’t doomed everyone just yet.   Besides, everyone knew who she was anyway or at least the ones that cared enough to want to know.  I will be sleeping peacefully though tonight if the “internet predator” that my grandma is worried about is reading this 🙂

Chris was telling me that he got his season ticket information from the Bears the other day.  Guess how much it is to park your car at Soldier Field if you have season tickets?  A thousand dollars…$100 a game…2 exhibition games and 8 regular season games…if they make the playoffs, you have to pony up another $100 a game to cover that.  I thought $30 to park at Wrigley was ass rape.  Damn.   His tickets are $60 a piece so it would cost more for his car to be at the game then him.  Unbelievable.  I need to go into the parking lot business.

I pissed my grandma off real good this afternoon.  I came home and someone had gone around and put American flags in everyone’s yard out by the road.  I pulled it up and threw it in the trash.  My grandma threw a fit.  When asked why I would throw a flag in the trash I responded with “look at the gas prices.  The government wants to say that after investigating that gas stations aren’t price gouging then they are full of shit and I will not support them by having a flag out in my yard…besides that they didn’t ask for permission to put it in my yard.”  She went out into the garage and took it out of the trash and put it back out by the road.  I’m sure that if my grandpa hadn’t been in the army during WWII that she wouldn’t have cared so much.  It was still fun seeing her that riled up over it though.

My Aunt Faye came out and helped me tape, mud and primer the bathroom and then my grandma and I went to Joliet to Home Depot and got the paint to paint the bathroom tomorrow.  Swiss Coffee is the color we went with.

I guess that does it for today.

In closing….go fuck yourself San Diego.






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