Bits and pieces and an incredibly long survey

I have finally made my return home to Morris for more than a few hours.  It has been a month since I’ve seen my grandma.  The bathroom looks pretty good even without it being painted yet.  The yard needs mowed badly however.

I think I’ve finally gotten caught up with responding to my emails and messages.  I have put up a picture update over at myspace with pictures from the show in Philly.  You can check that out if you want.

I also put up a post on myspace the other day talking about my crush coming to an end.  It doesn’t mean that I like the “gem of a girl” any less than I did a few days ago.  As I said in the update, she is still smart, funny, nice and extremely beautiful.  She is just those things from a farther distance away and I don’t see any chance in hell of being able to work anything out now.  Then again, I’m not known for my optimism.  The general rule of thumb is once you have acheived “The Chosen One” status, you will always have that status no matter what.  The only thing that changes now is the level of hope that I have for actually achieving the goal.  Besides, she has more important things on her plate right now anyway for me to waste her time.

Tomorrow is laundry and lawn mowing day and I’ll probably go visit my grandma Dorothy and Aunt Sharon and then stop by and visit Chuckie and see what his “some shit went down” is that he couldn’t tell me over the phone.

I will leave everyone with a very long survey that I just finished.

Good Day.

A 200 Question Fun Survey 4 Myspace (All The Bzoink Surveys Put Together)
Full Name:: James Michael Fannin
Birthday:: November 8
Birthplace:: Morris Community Hospital
Eye Color:: brown
Hair Color:: dark brown
Height:: 5’9ish on a good day…mostly 5’8 anymore…gravity is slowly pulling me to closer to my grave
Weight:: 260ish…it fluctuates
Right handed or Left handed?: depends on what I’m doing…mostly right handed
Your Heritage:: Irish, German, and I’m sure other things
My Worst Habit:: My hatred and anger and temper and my negativity
Zodiac Sign:: Scorpio but not Too Cold
Shoe Size:: again it depends on the shoe but usually a 9. My feet are short and fat…just like me
Pants Size:: 44 X 30 relaxed fit usually does the trick
Innie or Outie?: Innie
Parents Still Together?: they are both dead
The Shoes You Wore Today:: new shoes that I bought from Wal-Mart with a Dr. Scholl’s gel pack in the heel. I’m so gelling that I’m Magellan.
Your Weakness:: Redheads or strawberry blondes…in pigtails…braided…showing cleavage. I would not be able to hold on to any secrets if I were captured by a band of them
Your Fears:: living to be old and alone, snakes, needles, extremely high heights, failure, rejection
Your Perfect Pizza:: thick crust, pepperoni and pineapple
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year:: well my goal is always this: find someone to love me. Since that isn’t likely, my wish for this year is that someone or something kills SHITLIST and it been so brutal that the result is a closed casket
Your Most Overused Phrase On An Instant Messenger: I have no idea. I guess “yeah” since that is my standard response a lot of time when I’m doing other things
Thoughts First Waking Up:: I need to go to the bathroom…I’m hungry…here comes another shitty day
Your Best Physical Feature:: I have all my fingers and toes and no deformities
Your Bedtime:: whenever I fall asleep. I go to bed early when in Morris but I toss and turn thinking about all the things that bother me until I eventually fall asleep several hours later
Your Most Missed Memory:: Being a happy kid without any cares in the world and doing things with my mom and dad. The world corrupted me at a young age when it took that from me when I was only 3
Favorite color?: maroon, gold and white
Food?: cheeseburgers
Sport?: football…since the Cubs suck ass so bad this year, I’ve stopped watching baseball already
Animal?: elephant
Ice Cream?: vanilla
Candy?: I don’t really have any
Store?: Wal-Mart and Toys R Us
Salad Dressing?: I don’t eat salads. That might prolong my life
Actor?: Clint Eastwood, Laura Prepon, Reese Witherspoon, Denise Richards, John Wayne, Adam Sandler
Song?: My Way
Letter?: F
Number?: 73
Gum?: trident citrus
Holiday?: I don’t give a good God Damn
Season?: fall
Toothpaste Flavor?: I use vanilla mint crest
Radio Station?: I listen to Mix 101.9 and country stations
Perfume?: whatever works
Scent besides perfume?: good food
Body part on the opposite sex?: whatever is their best trait…eyes, lips, breasts, butt, legs. If they have all that, then they are the total package and I’m not talking Lex Lugar
What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?: dead
How Do You Want To Die?: in a blaze of glory and taking some enemies with me
Turn ons:: when a woman doesn’t run away in disgust from me
Turn offs:: when the woman does run away in disgust from me
Which One Of Your Friends Acts The Most Like You?: Ian and I are alot alike minus the 420 and drinking
Who’s The Loudest?: I’m not really sure
Who Makes You Laugh The Most?: Maniwa
Who Have You Known The Longest?: Chris…been best friends since we were 5
Who’s The Shyist?: Chris
When Have You Cried The Most?: When my mom died
What Is The Best Feeling In The World?: For me, it was when I was holding Shaina in my arms while we slept and I was in love and loved in return. The world was a perfect place and most importantly, I was happy
Worst Feeling?: The “tucking in” of my mom and dad when they died right before they closed the casket and I knew that I would never see them again
Where Do You Want To Live When You Grow Up?: I’m open to moving
If You Could Change One Thing About You What Would It Be?: my being miserable. I would change that in a heartbeat and with that change, all the other bad things about me would change as well: the negativity, anger, hatred etc would all leave because I would be happy
How Long Do You Think You’ll Live?: Just to spite me, God will make me live to be over 100. However, I will have no need to live past 44 cause by that time, I will be useless to James Christopher since I will have already passed all my knowledge onto him and he’ll be getting into girls and I would be of no help to him there
Let’s walk on the: proper side of the road so that we don’t get hit by a semitruck
Let’s look at the: bright side even though it isn’t very bright
What a nice: day today
Where did all the: money go?
Why can’t we: all just get along?
Silly, little: rabbit…Trix are for kids
Isn’t it weird that: we drive on a parkway and park on a driveway?
Never under any circumstance: would I eat a hot dog
I wish: that just one of my wishes would ever come true
Everyone has a: price for the Million Dollar Man
I am: Sam…Sam I am
Been In Love?: yes. twice.
Been To Juvie?: nope
Mooned Someone?: My bare ass doesn’t get shown in public. It would be a disgusting and hideous sight.
Been Rejected?: Counting each rejection from Mickie and then combined with about the other 12 that I’ve been rejected by, I’d say a conservative estimate would be 175 times
Ran Away From Home?: no
Pictured Your Crush Naked?: No. I can hardly picture them saying yes to me let alone getting naked for me
Skipped School?: that is all I did in college
Thought About Suicide?: yes but I’m pretty sure that is a surefire way to go to hell and thus I wouldn’t get to see my mom or dad or grandpa so it isn’t an option
Slept Outside?: I don’t like camping. I live in the age of technology so I don’t have to live like it is 1600s and I don’t want to play fantasy for a weekend and see what it was like
Laughed So Hard You Cried?: yes
Cried In School?: yes…when my mom was dying and they called me home from school
Thrown Up In School?: yes…I was mixing all the sodas together at a junior high dance and had about five cups of that concoction and then someone kicked me in the stomach and I ended up throwing u
Wanted To Be a Model?: nope. I like to eat
Cheated On Someone?: Never could. Never would.
Done Something Really Stupid That You Still Laugh At Today?: lip synched Hot Rod Lincoln at the homecoming pep assembly my senior year with Jacob Lestina and David Friel
Seen A Dead Body?: yes
Been Bitched Out?: yes
Drank Alcohol?: two sips of champagne and it was gross
Smoked?: never
Been On Drugs?: never.
Eaten Sushi?: I would eat a hot dog first
Been On Stage?: yes
Gone Skinny Dipping?: I don’t get naked in public. It is the one thing that the world and I agree on
Shoplifted?: from a baseball card show when the guy wouldn’t come and take my money for like five minutes. if he didn’t want my money, I wasn’t going to stand there all day waiting
Been Drunk?: never
Been Called A Tease?: can’t say that I have
Been Beaten Up?: yes it has happened
Swear?: like a sailor but not on a Bible
Sing Well?: Sinatra I can do well. I can sing along with the radio well enough…not so well at karoake sometimes though
Shower Daily?: for the most part
Want To Go To College?: already graduated
Want To Get Married?: absolutely
Believe In Yourself?: in all things that I can control. However, on all things that others control, like asking out on a date, I do not believe in myself
Get Motion Sickness?: not that I know of
Think You Are Attractive?: Some days I think that I am…most days I try not to look at myself
Get Along With Your Parents?: I did before they died
Like Thunderstorms?: Not when it happens a week straight when I’m in Baltimore and doesn’t let us do anything but sit in the house
Play An Instrument?: I played saxophone for a couple of weeks in fifth grade band because my cousin played it. i quit
Own An IPOD?: nope
Pray?: I used to…none of them were answered so I decided to stop wasting my time
Go To Church?: I used to but I don’t anymore
Sleep With Stuffed Animals?: I still have a lamb that my grandma’s brother bought me when I was a month old for Christmas but it is put away.
Keep A Journal/Diary?: Livejournal and myspace
Dance In The Rain?: no
Sing In The Shower?: no
Pepsi or Coke?: Coke Zero
McDonald’s or Burger King?: Burger King – chicken sandwich and a double whopper
Single or Group Dates?: I’ll take whatever I can get so nothing
Chocolate or Vanilla?: vanilla
Strawberries or Blueberries?: strawberries
Meat or Veggies?: beef
TV or Movie?: tv
Guitar or Drums?: I don’t give a shit
Adidas or Nike?: Nike
Chinese or Mexican?: Mexican – tacos and burritos – meat, beans, cheese, lettuce and ketchup only
Cheerios or Corn Flakes?: neither
Cake or Pie?: pie
MTV or VH1?: VH1
Blind or Deaf?: deaf
Boxers or Briefs?: boxer briefs
Do The Splits?: not even close
Write With Both Hands?: not legibly
Whistle?: yes
Blow A Bubble?: yes
Roll Your Tongue In A Circle?: sort of
Cross Your Eyes?: why would I want to? I’m ugly enough as it is
Walk With Your Toes Curled?: slowly
Touch Your Tongue to Your Nose?: not even close
Dance?: I can do the slow rock back and forth and that is it
Eat Whatever You Want And Not Worry?: I don’t worry about clogging my arteries
You Touched:: my grandma
You Talked To On The Phone:: Mickie Knuckles when I called Ian to let him know that I made it back home safely
You Instant Messaged:: Mickie Knuckles
You Hugged:: my grandma
You Yelled At:: I’m not sure who I yelled at last. Probably that jackass that was going to “squash” me at the show in Philly
You Played A Sport With:: I shot baskets with Ian at one of Pondo’s shows a long time ago
Time You Laughed?: probably when I was watching That 70s Show at Ian’s Thursday night
Time You Cried?: that is classified information
Movie You Watched?: Star Wars III last night
Flavor Of Gum You Chewed?: trident citrus
Joke You Told?: I can’t remember
Song You’ve Sung?: whatever was on the radio before I turned it onto the sports station to listen to them trash the Cubs
Where Are You?: my bedroom
What Can You See Out Your Window?: nothing…the shades are down
Are You Listening To Music?: nope
What Are You Wearing?: sleeping attire
What’s On Your Mousepad?: I don’t have one
Do you believe there is life on other planets?: it is possible. I haven’t seen any proof but it is possible
Do you believe in miracles?: No
Magic?: No
Love at first sight?: No
God?: Yes and God hates my guts
Satan?: Yes because if it isn’t God that is making me miserable as hell then it is Satan
Ghosts?: Ian, Mickie and my grandma believe that some are in my house…probably my mom and dad since they both died in the house
Santa?: sure why not
Evolution?: Benoit, Malenko, Eddie were good but I can do without Perry Saturn
Fav Eye Color:: doesn’t really matter
Fav Hair Color:: RED, RED, RED, RED and strawberry blonde because it has a hint of RED
Short or Long Hair:: long
Height:: shorter than me
Weight:: I go for a woman that has some meat on her bones but not a bodybuilder
Best Clothing Style:: whatever is comfortable
What Country Would You Most Like To Visit?: Italy or Ireland
Number Of CD’s I Own:: 30ish
Your Good Luck Charm:: I don’t have good luck so if I have a good luck charm, it is broken
How many pillows do you sleep with?: one
Do you drink milk?: yes
Person You Hate Most:: SHITLIST. I wish death upon him. Painful death and soon. Then I would like to hold a contest to see who my number one fan is by seeing who the first to piss on his grave is
Most Outdated Phrase:: I have no idea
Do you think God has a gender?: I don’t know
Where do you think we go when we die?: into a box and then into the ground or into an incinerator; after that, it is up for debate
How many rings until you answer the phone?: depends
What is something scientists need to invent?: a device that allows men to finally know what women are thinking
Are you a health freak?: nope. I don’t really give a shit about my health
Are you a virgin?: no
If you could travel into space, where would you go?: I have no interest in going into space
What is the worst weather?: extremely hot…I think I’m allergic to my own sweat (David, Ian and Mickie will get that) or extremely cold or raining like it was in Baltimore when we went to inner harbor
Did you play with Barbies as a child?: nope but I did play with my WWF LJN and AWA Remco figures
How many grades have you failed?: none






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