I have a car again!!!!

I just got back to Ian’s with my car.  It looks all new and shiny…at least in the front.  It drives well and it is just great to no longer be a prisoner trapped without transportation to move around freely.

What did Mickie and I run into though on the way to get the car…rain.  I swear to God that if it rains one more time…everybody dies.  We have been turning everything into Tracy Smothers quotes the last week and a half at least.  Everybody dies is our new thing.  Mickie, Ian and David Parks have joined me in doing it.

I will have some pictures to upload and do another entry when I get home tomorrow.

Home.  It will be the first time that I will be home for an extended period of time (longer than 24 hours) in a month.  I’m excited.  Yep, I’m excited to have a few days of my normal routine and time to go visit my grandma and Aunt Sharon before they think that I have died.  I also need to talk to my cousin Chuckie because he got ahold of me while I was in Baltimore and sounded like he could be in some trouble again.

I had to buy some new shoes from Wal-Mart last night when we got back.  The stank coming from the shoes after they dried out from the horrific flooding they undertook in Baltimore was God awful.

Well I guess that will do it for now.  There will be some in depth discussions on things in the next entry.






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