Ready to leave again

Well the construction guys will be here at the house inside of an hour to start ripping apart the bathroom.  It will take them a week to finish the job but I should have a greatly improved bathroom when it is all done.  I look forward to the finished product.

I have a load of laundry in the washing machine right now because I don’t have enough clothes on hand to get me through the next trip without it.  I still have an absurd amount of dirty clothes in my laundry bag that is in the trunk of my car.  I will have to do that laundry up when I get the car back.  It is absurd the amount of stuff that is still in the trunk.  I have two huge cardinal figures that I bought my grandma from Cracker Barrell.  Hopefully they get the broken taillight fixed for me as well.  I would like to have the car back into 100% shape when I get it back.

Last night was pretty damn good.  We slept till real late yesterday.  I think I got up around 3:30 pm but then again, I didn’t go to bed until 9 am so I guess it was just a regular amount of sleep for me.  Traffic was God awful going to the David Allan Coe concert up at Joe’s Bar in Chicago.  I should say that the traffic was horrible from Minooka until Weber Road in Joliet.  How the fuck is traffic worse in Joliet than in Chicago?  Unreal.  They had construction on I-80 east of Minooka until I-55 that slowed us up considerably and then traffic was stop and go on 55 all the way through Joliet and then it just magically became wide open after Weber Road exit once we got through Joliet.  I hate semi trucks and I hate Sunday drivers.  We didn’t have any delays whatsover going past Cicero Avenue or even the five miles we had to go on the Dan Ryan.

The concert was great.  DAC was in good spirits and put on a helluva show.  The last time Ian and I went to see him, he was in bad health and didn’t do a very good set of music.  Last night he hit all his best stuff and did plenty of medleys of his friends stuff.  His wife came out and sang with him as well.  Mickie was in a dancing festive mood so that added to the fun and watching Ian do air guitar made the night.  David Parks was a little out of his element in there since he is all rap music but even he had a good time.  The guitars were turned up waaay too loud however so my ears were ringing badly afterwards.  We walked out of the concert area at Joe’s Bar and who do we run into but Sox.  He was “in the area” and decided to stop by.  Damn stalkers!!!!  We all grabbed a table and sat and talked wrestling and watched the end of the Heat/Mavs game on the big screen.  I bought a new David Allan Coe cut off sleeve denim button down shirt.  I will have pictures of that when I get back from the concert in Louisville next week before we head out to Baltimore and Philly.  Once the game was over it was time to head back to Morris.

We stopped and ate at Romines!!!!  I was able to get my Should Have Bean There Burger as the chili hadn’t been turned off yet.  That always makes for a good night.

Well time to put clothes in the dryer, write some checks to pay some bills, pack, and then hit the road.

I’m sure my next update will have plenty of pictures, stories and boring material to cover the next couple of weeks.






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