Part 4…the conclusion…THE WRECK

So we start heading back to Louisville from Nashville.  We get into a construction zone and everyone comes to a stop.  Traffic starts going again so I hit the gas and we get to about 35 miles per hour when a box truck cuts off the pickup truck in front of me.  The pickup truck slams on its brakes and then I slam on mine.  My brakes didn’t work as well as the pickup truck’s.  Here is the end result:


image gone 🙁

What you see is $2700 worth of damage to the old Honda.  We had just started on the trip too so we were 2 hours outside of Louisville.  My air bags didn’t even deploy.  The wrecker came and got my car and the cops took us to the Days Inn right off the exit we were at.  I have now ridden in the back of a cop car.  I don’t ever want to do it again.

We were stranded in southern KY for two days at the hotel until Vince Jones could come down and get us and take us back to Louisville.  We did lots more swimming and I got lots more sunburn on the shoulders and neck and back.  We played Marco Polo…me for the first time.  I hate that game.  I move in the water as well as the Titanic so I just slosh around and make lots of noise while moving and since I don’t swim, I just run in the water, I am easy to catch and can’t catch anyone when I’m “it.”

We stopped at Kart Kountry on the way back to Louisville with Vince.  We all went one lap on the go karts.  I didn’t like it.  I’ve driven over half a million miles in my life so driving a mini car that I don’t fit in that makes my back sweat isn’t high on my list of fun events.  I sat out the other three turns that everyone else took.

We had shows in Midlo and Streamwood this weekend.  We had another blowout on the ring truck with the same tire 30 miles into the trip to Midlothian.  So that is 2 blowouts and a wreck in a week.  That should be the three bad things.  It better be the three bad things.

Midlo show was fun.  “Gem of a girl” was there and looking better than ever and more out of my league than ever.  I got to see Sox and Ray.  The hotel after the show was a mess.  The guy kept calling the room every five minutes starting an hour before checkout time to see if we were checking out.  Ian chewed him out big time as we left.

Streamwood was fun tonight.  Ian and Mickie beat the hell out of each other.  Toby Klein is the new IWA champ.  The IHOP restaurant afterwards was a blast.  Phil telling the Joey Eastman stories was hilarious.  Joey Eastman is a pimp.  In two minutes, he had stories told about him that had at least 4 more moves than I have in my arsenal.  I need to learn the Jedi Mind Trick.   Hilarious stuff.  Joey Eastman is the King of Plainfield, IN.

It’s almost 9 am and I haven’t been to bed yet.  I’ve waited over two weeks to sleep in my own bed again and here I’ve spent 4 hours doing all these LJ entries to get everyone up to date on things.  I better get plenty of comments.

Finally my bed is calling to me.







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