“Negative Nancy” – Part two of my journey

After returning to Ian’s after KOTDM, we had to go to West Virginia for Mad Man Pondo’s show.  Mickie, Ian, John Calvin, Too Tuff Tony and myself went on that trip.  By this time, Ian had renamed me “Negative Nancy” for all my pessimism.  I can add that to JJ, Jimmy Jamm, Angriest Man in the World and Most Opinionated Man in the World for my monickers.

Pondo’s show happened to fall on June 7th which is a double whammy for me.  The death of Ronald Reagan and Shaina and I broke up on that very same day…both of which occured two years ago.  Needless to say, I was in a reminiscent mood and a tad bit cranky.  I think Ian also took to calling me grumpy at this point in time.

We arrived in West Virginia and it was great to see Tracy Smothers again.  I bought his newest tshirt but he has had it out for awhile and but never in my size of XXL.  I bought the shirt and have a picture of John Calvin (with his new mohawk hairdo) holding the shirt.  I love how it has “IF I HEAR ONE MORE TRACY SUCKS, EVERYBODY DIES” on it.  Greatest shirt ever.

image gone 🙁

I then saw Deranged and his eye looked like hell after his match against Brain Damage at KOTDM.  They tore each other apart in that match.  Ben Jordan and I have decided that Brain Damage is really The Terminator.  This is what Deranged looked like four days after the match:


image gone 🙁

and this is what it looked like with his eye open


image gone 🙁

Watching Woody Numbers and the guy that managed Warpig on the show really started getting my managerial juices flowing again.  I was starting to get the “itch” to get back in there and make people remember.  It didn’t help that I had a handful of people talk to me at KOTDM and say how much they missed seeing me in action.

Ian and Mickie and Tony went to the bar for the afterparty and I watched John Calvin for a little over an hour at the hotel.  How do you keep John Calvin entertained for over an hour.  You wrestle with him.  Big mistake on my part.  Once I let him get a move on me, I never saw the light of day again.  I had pillows and over random objects hitting me in the face and stomach at a rate of about twice a second.  Then he latched onto my ankle like a Pit Bull and I couldn’t get him off.  He won 17 falls to 2….unless you count all the DQs I was calling for for him not stopping the beatdown after the match was over.

Mickie and Ian get back to the hotel room and Mickie says how cold it is in the room.  I say that she can always cuddle with me to warm up and instead of having to duck a punch from her, it was the look of death that I got from Ian that was scary.  Ian then asked Mickie how much she loved him and had her go get him something to drink from the vending machine.  When Mickie got back, I asked her how much she loved me and she asked what I wanted to drink and I responded with “nothing…I just wanted to know how much you loved me.”  I figured it would be a nice funny way to bring an end to the trip.  I was wrong.

The next afternoon we were heading back to Louisville when the beginning of the shit hitting the fan occurred.  In the middle of nowhere Kentucky, the back tire on the truck exploded while we were in between a deep ditch and a semi truck.  Mickie somehow managed to hold the truck and the trailer hauling the ring in the lane without killing us.  We were in the passing lane at the time so we had to pull into the ditch to get off the road.  It was amazingly difficult to jack up the truck on a slant in grass.  In the hour plus that we were fiddling with the crap and having to unload the truck to get to the jack and try to get it to lift the truck and trailer, not one single person stopped to see if we were alright.

Remember that bad things come in threes.   Back later with the other bad things.






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