A tale of two cities…the trip to Nashville…Part 3 of the adventure

Since Ian wasn’t booked for the show in Milwaukee, we caught a break and we able to go with Mickie and Vince Jones to Nashville.  Mickie was booked to wrestle on a couple of shows and the Country Music Fan Fest was going on that weekend as well.  Ian and I thought that this would be an excellent vacation and were very excited to be able to go.

We left on the Friday morning a week after KOTDM and basically hours after returning from West Virginia.  Since Ian didn’t know the promoter of the wrestling show that well, he wanted to attend the show on Friday night to make sure that things went well for Mickie and that the guy could be trusted.  We would just do the fan fest stuff on Saturday and Sunday.

On the way down to Nashville, I was in an unusually happy and smartassy mood.  I was coming up with zingers right and left and everyone was having a great time.  One semi truck had a sign on the back of it that said “See our driver’s package” and that provided several minutes of good quality juvenile behavior.  I wish I had my camera ready so I could have taken a picture of it.

We get to Nashville and check into the hotel.  I promised that I wouldn’t name names since the person that did it could say lots of bad things about me as well but someone on the trip clogged the toliet in the room with a log jam.  The front desk sent housekeeping and they couldn’t get the toliet to unclog so we had to get a new room.  The room that they sent us to had a broken door and the key wouldn’t work so we had to get a third room in an hour’s time of being there.  The trip was still going great and providing us with lots of laughs

We ended up getting lost on the way to the wrestling show because the dumbasses running the show didn’t know east from west and sent us in the wrong direction.  Everyone was getting frustrated and the venue ended up being right across the street from the Titan’s football stadium and that was where the big country concert was for the Fan Fest.  Traffic was horrible and we were stuck in a traffic jam and late.  There was a billboard for Publix grocery store but from my angle, a street light pole blocked the “L” and all I saw was “Pubix” grocery store.  That cut the tension and got everyone back into high spirits.  The show would quickly ruin those feelings though.  It was atrocious.  I was actually finding myself wishing that it was a MAW show that I was at instead.  Yes you just read that right but I will go to my grave denying I said it.  The biggest kick in the ass was that Kenny Chesney ended up being the surprise performer at the concert that night.  The saving grace for the show was the two signs in the hotel that the wrestling show was held in.  Here is the sign in the lobby as soon as you walk in:image gone 🙁

The other great sign was on the door leading into the bathroom:


image gone 🙁

The next day we go swimming in the pool at the hotel and I got sunburnt.  My bare skin hadn’t seen sunlight in public for more than 45 seconds at a time in probably 10 years.

We then go to back to the hotel where the wrestling shows were and Ian and I get dropped off at the concert while Vince goes with Mickie to the wrestling show.  We buy passes for good seats from a couple of Canadiens and I end up sitting in front of people from LaSalle, IL about 45 minutes west of Morris on I-80.  Small world.  We get to see Billy Ray Cyrus, Miranda Lambert, Craig Morgan, Carrie Underwood, Josh Turner, Martina McBride and Brad Paisley in concert that night but no surprise even though there is supposed to be one each of the four nights of the concerts.  I have decided after listening to Brad Paisley sing “When I Get Where I’m Going” that I want that along with “Amazing Grace” and “My Way” sung at my funeral.  You guys will be heartbroken to read that you missed watching me sing “Achy Breaky Heart” while Billy Ray Cyrus was performing.  The guys behind us got in trouble with their wives for flirting with girls from New York that were sitting by them.  When the concert ended, Vince and Mickie were still 45 minutes away from getting back from the wrestling show so Ian and I had to kill time.  I asked what we could do and he said I could flirt with some of the ladies that were at the concert.  I them got off one of the quotes of the trip “I have less flirt moves than the  Ultimate Warrior has wrestling holds so that will take up about 5 seconds.”

The next day, Vince had to leave to get back to Louisville to work.  Vince and Mickie dropped Ian and myself off at the Fan Fest festivites and they went back to Louisville so Mickie could get my car and drive back down to get Ian and me.  Ian and I go to get on the shuttle to take us to the convention center for autographs and I was wearing my Peanuts shirt with all the characters on it.  Someone on the bus said “He’s harmless…he’s got Charlie Brown on his shirt.”  We walk around downtown Nashville and visit the old Grand Ole Opry and eat at the Hard Rock Cafe.  We then go to the Charlie Daniels Museum and I decide that I need to buy a cowboy hat to wear the rest of the day and for our trip to Dallas in July and for future country concerts.  Ian goes ahead and buys one himself.  Yes you are about to get pictures but not yet.  Mickie and Joey come down with my car and meet us at the stadium since we had gotten extra tickets.  The concert was no where near as good as Saturday night’s concert.  We sneak Mickie and Joey into the lower level with us and a couple of old people next to us complain so Joey and Mickie move to the other side of us.  Keith Anderson and Joe Nichols were awesome.  SheDaisy was ok.  Los Lonely Boys were on the concert and Ian and myself couldn’t complain loud enough or long enough about those sorry ass musicians being on the concert.  Horrible.  I’m not big on several of LeAnn Rimes songs and she followed LLBs so all momentum was killed for me.  It was then time for Clint Black.  I like Clint Black.  In the middle of his second song, it starts thundering, lightning and pouring down rain.  The call for a rain delay and tell everyone to go under the bleachers.  We endure over an hour long rain delay.  Here are some pictures of Ian and me in our cowboy hats along with Mickie, one serious and one paying tribute to Chris Candido.


images gone 🙁

Before you guys laugh to loudly at the sight of me in a cowboy hat, I have a story to tell you.  I had three women tell me that they liked my Charlie Brown shirt while I was wearing the cowboy hat.  I have worn that shirt 100 times and never had a woman tell me that until I had the hat on.  It has got to be the hat.  None of the women were “gem of a girl” or Mickie so I didn’t break out my two flirt moves “Would you like to go to dinner after the IWA show” or “Would you like to go to karoake after IWA show”   Moving on.

The rain delay ended and they had promised that Clint Black would come out and finish when it ended.  He didn’t.  They went straight into Sugarland.  Sugarland did five songs and then they said “Sorry but that’s all folks…another storm may be coming in.”  They had promised a surprise all night and the rumor in the stadium was that it was going to be Gretchen Wilson who sings Mickie’s “Redneck Woman” theme song for those unfamiliar with country music.  Can you imagine Ian and me hyping a big surprise all night at a show and then saying “sorry, show ran long…see ya next year” and not give it to the people?

Little did I know that being screwed out of the surprise and having Clint Black and Sugarland cut short would pale in comparison to the shit that was about to hit the fan.






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