All the things you didnt know, but are dying to find out

All the things you didnt know, but are dying to find out
So lets get to know each other…
Today is:: Thursday…Ian’s birthday
The time is:: 8:09 am
Name:: James Michael Fannin
Any nicknames?:: JJ…Jimmy Jamm
What are your embarassing nicknames?: Ian will call me nickelass sometimes but he calls lots of people that
Age:: 29
Height:: 5’9
Hair color:: dark brown
Eye color:: brown
Heritage:: Irish, German, Cherokee
Favorite Food:: cheeseburgers
Favorite Drink:: crystal light fruit punch
Favorite Smell:: good food, good perfume on the females
Favorite Book:: Have A Nice Day
Favorite Movie:: Godfather I and II
Favorite Actor/ Actress:: Clint Eastwood & Laura Prepon
Favorite TV Show:: That 70s Shows reruns on FX
Thought Provoking…answer truthfully
Whats the best moment of your life thus far?: James Christopher being born and surviving his heart surgery
Whats the worst moment of your life thus far?: several to choose from…the one that I have yet to see a silver lining from is the car ride from Cleveland to Pittsburgh for Hardcore Homecoming that destroyed me
Biggest regret?: That I didn’t take care of all the family business back in January when I had the chance…it was my chance to reenact the ending to Godfather but I got one of them anyway
Biggest accomplishment?: fulfilling one of the two promises that I made to my mom and dad before they died by graduating college
Would you lie to someone to protect them?: it all depends on what I’d be protecting them from and who the person is
Do you trust people?: not people
If not, why?: trust has to be earned…I trust my friends…I don’t trust “people”
Every betrayed a friend?: no but I have been betrayed
If so, what was the reason?: you’d have to ask them
Was it worth it?: you’d have to ask them
What is your biggest dream?: to get married and have a family of my own
Whats your biggest nightmare?: never getting married or having a family & living to be 100-whew I dread to see what I’d be like in that situation-70 more years of bitterness and anger-I fear that scenario
What was your most embarassing moment?: so many to choose from: 8 man tag from the 2004 SST, skirt incident in Highland, lip syncing “Hot Rod Lincoln” at the Homecoming pep assembly senior year of high school
Do you care what other people think of you?: I don’t give a shit about other “people”
Why or why not?: I don’t like “people” so their opinions mean absolutely nothing to me
When people give you their advice, do you listen?: when I go to friends and ask for advice, I listen. Doesn’t mean that I will follow it but I’ll listen. When “people” randomly offer me advice I don’t listen
Do you think your better than other people?: not better…I just don’t like them
Have you ever spread rumors?: I will pass along good rumors…never started one though
Ever gossiped?: I never started any but I will pass along some good stuff that I hear
Questions about Love, Sex and everything in between
Are you a virgin?: no
If no, do you regret losing it?: no regrets. I was in love and thought I had found the one. We had talked marriage and a family and it was a natural progression. I have no regrets from that era of my life
If yes, are you waiting for a specific reason?:
Guys: if a girl is waiting to have sex, would you date her anyway?: absolutely. If I like the girl and wanted to date her, that fact wouldn’t have any affect on my feelings
Girls, if a guy is waiting to have sex, would you date him anyway?:
Whats the best pick up line you ever got?: Shaina – “so are you finally going to ask me out or not?”
Did it actually work?: well I asked Shaina out after she said it so I guess it worked
Whats the worst pickup line you’ve ever got?: I’ve only gotten the one…unless I have gotten others and just not realized that it was a pickup line
How did you respond?: I responded just fine to the nonexistent pickup line
Are you a one-night stand kind of person?: no. I’m not looking for that at all. That is not in my personality
Do you prefer relationships or flings?: relationships. If I am going to invest my time, energy and heart into something, I want it to last
Guys: a girl gets pregnant, do you support her or tell her to abort it?: support. I take responsibility for my actions
Girls: u get pregnant, do you weigh the guys opinion in matters of aborton?:
How young is too young to have sex?: everyone is different. It is all about maturity. Some are ready sooner than others.
Do you have to be in love to have sex?: I do…the majority of the world doesn’t
Do you like anyway?: is that english?
Is it a secret crush?: well I haven’t said her name in a public forum so I guess in that way it is a secret but pretty much everyone knows who it is so it isn’t a secret
If so, who is it?: I will quote Ray…she is “a gem of a girl”
Are you in love right now?: This is for you Ray…I have never even met Ray’s wife
Could this person be “the one”: anything is possible
Do you believe in Soul Mates?: I used to but now I’m not so sure
How many ex’s do you have?: 1
Do you take past relationships as learning experiences or mistakes?: I try to make it a learning experience but you have to get a second one in order to have the first be a learning experience
What is one relationship you regret?: none
Whats one relationship you wish you would have pursued?: everything happens for a reason…if I chose not to pursue it, I did so for a reason
If someone unexpected asked you out today, would you say yes?: I don’t know. it would depend on who it was
If yes, why?: If I said yes it would be because “a gem of a girl” asked
If no, why?: If I said no it would be because someone else asked
Ethics….Morals and Values
Thoughts on abortion?: You don’t get pregnant like you catch a cold or the flu. It occurs from one thing and one thing only. If you don’t want a kid, don’t do that one thing. Do something else.
Thoughts on euthenasia?: Pull the plug on me – I had to make that decision at the end for my mom and it was the hardest decision of my life, luckily she passed away before it came to that though. I will tell one and all right now however, I don’t want to live like that…hell I don’t even like living the way I am now some of the time. Yank the plug and put me in the ground and I will thank you from the other side.
Thoughts on politics?: I used to love politics…now I hate it. I am not diplomatic. There is no difference between the two sides, just in name
Thoughts on war?: War is good. War is needed. War should happen more often and more widespread and with great use of force. Kill them all is what I say
Thoughts on genetic engeneering?: I am not a fan of science. Let things play out the way God intended.
Thoughts on Reglion and God?: There is a God and God is out to make me as miserable and unhappy as possible
Other thoughts you have?: I have thoughts on everything
Do you believe you are a good person?: Yes. I am a very good person to those that I choose to care about
Do you believe you always do the right thing?: I always try to do the right thing. Sometimes I don’t though
A bum asks you for money, what do you say?: it depends on my mood…where I’m at…all kinds of things play into my decision
Do you judge people before you know them?: well I decide rather quickly whether I will give them a chance or not…but I don’t necessarily judge them
2 ppl in a room: do you talk to the hot/dumb one or smart/plain one?: I would not start a conversation with either of them…I would respond to either one if they said something to me
A guy is drunk and falls: do you laugh out loud or ask him if he is ok?: who is the guy? is it a friend or a stranger? I am the guy that drove right past a guy on a motorcycle having an accident and continued on to the hotel because I didn’t care
Drunk girl at a party: take her upstairs or make sure she gets home ok?: Well I wouldn’t be at that party but hypothetically if I were, I would make sure that she got home safely and away from the vultures
A little more about you…
Do you believe in love?: I believe in a thing called love
Do you believe in yourself?: depends on the situation. If it is something that I have control over yes. If I have to put my fate into someone else’s hands then I have lots of doubt
Do you believe in others?: I believe in my friends
Last Questions
Are you an honest person all of the time?: 99% of the time
Were you entirely honest in this survey?: yes
Did you enjoy the survey?: it was different






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