Damn its hot and other useless info edited with a survey about my crush, my friends and me

Today I went to have lunch with Chris at Wendy’s. Some truck driver kept butting into our conversation about Hogan Knows Best and baseball. It was getting on my nerves something fierce but I didn’t say anything.

Matt Murton is signing autographs in Winnetka on Monday June 12th. I think I want to go to that. I like Murton. He’s one of the bright spots for the Cubs so far this year. Only the Cubs would think trading for a guy that is batting .215 is a good idea. I can’t wait to see what the Phil Nevin era brings to the Cubs. Lots more strikeouts and other things currently being provided by Jacque Jones and Neifi Perez. At least Jerry Hairston, Jr is gone. I guess you have to take on garbage to get rid of garbage.

I bought a bike at Wal-Mart today. I have visions of riding the bike into town and taking bike rides down the tow path up the I & M canal. The last time I went for a bike ride on it I rode 10 miles to Channahon…goofed off in the state park and rode back and got into the most trouble I was ever in with my mom. I might have to do that again. It gets me out of the house and doing something in the afternoons other than surveys on the computer. I’m running out of surveys on Bzoink.

I finished up the lawn today. Damn it was muggy outside. I was sweating profusely.

Tomorrow is Ian’s birthday. Everyone give him a good birthday present by packing the KOTDM shows!

I have taken some tylenol pm and am getting ready to go to bed at 8 pm at night cause I’m awfully tired after not sleeping worth a damn last night. I’ve lacked energy all day.

That is all. (That is the finishing quote used by Patton when he delivers his big speech at the beginning of the movie…the Special Edition came out on DVD and I was looking at it at Wal-Mart. It will probably be my next DVD purchase since it has a lot of documentary stuff on Patton)

Yourself, Your Friends, Your Love/Crush
About Yourself
Name:: James Michael Fannin
Any nicknames:: JJ, Jimmy Jamm, Angriest Man in the World, Most Opinionated Man In the World
DOB:: November 8
Sign:: Scorpio
Location:: Morris, IL
Hair Color:: dark brown
Eye Color:: brown
Relationship Status:: very single
Black or White?: white
Friends or Family?: I prefer to hang out with my friends
Left or Right?: right
CD Player or Mp3/Ipod?: cd player
Tall or Short?: average
Yes or No?: no
If you had 1 wish & couldn’t wish for more wishes, what would you wish for: to be happy
Can you drive (legally)?: yes
Do you often get drunk? If so, how often?: never
Ever in your life get high?: I was on a plane a few times…that’s the only way
How old were you when you learned to ride a bike?: young…1st grade maybe
Have any obsessions? If so, what are they?: I have a lot of quirks
Do you illegally download music?: no
Have you ever owned a livejournal?: yes
Xanga?: no
If you were a stereotype, what would it be?: I’m just a warm fuzzy teddy bear that isn’t so warm and fuzzy if I don’t like you
Do you hate these surveys, but still do them anyways?: yes
Do you own a cell phone? If so, what company?: yes…Sprint
Most overused phrase not on the computer?: I have a dozen of them
Longest time spent on the computer in 1 day:: way too damn long
About Your Friends
Who’s your best friend?: Ian, Maniwa, Mickie and Chris
Name a few of your closest friends:: Fusion, Ray, Brian
Have you ever had a crush on a best friend?: Mickie
Have you ever dated a best friend?: no
Ever had a “group name”?: Fannin’s Horsemen…Fannin Family…Super Mean…Mean and Hard
How did you meet your best friend?: I met Chris in the park by our house…met the others at IWA
Who makes you laugh the most?: Maniwa
Who’s made you cry before?: several
Ditziest?: I don’t have ditzy friends
Smartest?: they are all smart in their own way
Craziest?: Sox
Bravest?: Ian
Shy?: Chris
Nice?: Mickie
Mean?: can anyone really compare to me?
Talented?: they are all talented in some way
Most likely to succeed?: ?
Most likely to fail?: ?
Will become a doctor?: none…well I guess Meg still has a chance to
Will become a singer?: Mickie or Shaina could. Me and Ian could be fun…Sox would be hilarious
Will become a vet?: I could see Meg, Mickie or Shaina as a vet
Will become a dancer?: I don’t want to see any of my friends as a dancer
Will become a lawyer?: I wanted to do that at one time
Will become a designer?: none
Will become a bum?: I’m a bum
Is a smartass?: Ray, Mickie, but they all fall a tad bit short of me
Is a goody-goody?: Chris
Annoys you the most?: Chris
Have you ever ended a friendship?: yes
Ever get jealous of your friends?: no
Do you honestly think your friends are “true”?: yes
About Your Crush (skip if N/A)
Would you be willing to give out his name?: I do not name names. I think everyone knows who it is by now but I still don’t name names. She’s innocent so I’ll keep her protected for as long as possible
Age:: younger than me…if I give an age, it would remove any doubt that may still linger out there
School:: maybe she still goes to school
Hair Color:: again too much information but those that know my tastes know the answer
Eye Color:: My eyes are bad…I’m not good with colors. The eye color is such a small area that unless I get up in your face and stare forever, I have no idea
Are they your “type”?: well I don’t make a habit of liking people that aren’t
What do you like about them?: she seems smart, nice, sweet and funny and is very beautiful
How are they different from others?: well she hasn’t ran away from me yet…thrown a gift back at me and laughed in my face, or told me that I was crazy like some of the others that I have liked in the past
What attracted you to them first?: At first…hair, face, a look of innocence like she wouldn’t kill me if I liked her
Are you friends?: sure
Do they know you like them?: 99.99% sure that she does…while I don’t name names, I make it as obvious as possible without naming names
Do they like you?: That is the million dollar question now isn’t?
Do they like somebody else?: that would be the story of my life
Do you have their number? If so, how?: No
Do you talk out of school?: yes
Do you hang out, out of school?: once
Does anyone else like them?: there would be a lot of stupid people out there if there wasn’t
Are you jealous/protective of them?: I would be protective of her if I saw someone about to harm her
Are you a big flirt?: If there was an award for being the worst flirt in the world, I would win it without breaking a sweat. I can cut promos at the drop of a hat but I’m horrible around females
What song reminds you of them?: I do not have one
Smell?: I don’t know
Color?: I don’t know
Do they make you laugh?: yes
Smile?: absolutely
Cry?: not yet
Annoyed?: nope
Nervous?: as a whore in church
Jumpy?: as Frogger trying to cross the street
Excited?: I’m very excitable
Crazy?: anyone can make me crazy…I make myself crazy
Loud?: when I’m nervous and jumpy I get very loud
Would you ever tell them you like them?: that would be the 2 million dollar question now wouldn’t it?
Do you think you have a chance?: I always want to believe that I have a chance. History would disagree with me.
Your Love (skip if N/A)
Longest Relationship:: 2 years
Shortest Relationship:: there was a girl that I dated a few times over a month but nothing official as far as a relationship…it was Patti everyday going “that redhead at DairyMart asked about you”
Ever been in love?: twice
Do you believe in love at first sight?: no
What’s his name?:
How long have you been dating?:
Do you think you love him?:
How did you meet him?:
How did you first get attracted to him?:
What do your friends think?:
Do you care what your friends think?:
What do you like about him?:
Do other girls like him?:
If so, are you nervous around those other girls?:
Can you see marriage in the future?:
Where was your first date?:
How did he ask you out?:
How long have you known him?:
Ever been in his room?:
Ever seen him naked?:
If you had to choose between your friends or him?:
Finish the Phrase
Do I make you: horny baby? (Axl couldn’t say that enough when the Austin Powers movie came out)
Look at the: dumbass
Don’t stop: get it get it
I want you: to want me
Give me that: money
You look like a: jackass






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