I’m outta here

I am taking a much needed trip to Louisville. I’m about to pull out here within the half hour. It will take a lot of the stress off of me and give me some good times to replace the bad ones that have been occuring.

I got a couple of messages over at myspace about the changes made in the profile etc and the hatred being thrown about. It isn’t over one thing in particular, it is just a combo of things going on right now. I am easy to anger remember.

Thanks to those that gave me a heads up on the finale of That 70s Show and I can’t wait to get the tape from Maniwa so I can watch it now. Maniwa kicks ass for thinking of me and taping it.

Everyone will get to enjoy the next several days without having the anger and hatred that is now as me posting updates here or on myspace. Hopefully I won’t be so mad when I return but I am going to Milwaukee which is basically hell on earth.

That is all.






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