I made it to louisville

Just a quick update. I made it to Louisville. James Christopher is more handsome than ever. He is spoiled to the hilt. John Calvin loves the Rampage 2 game. Meg was correct…being a monster and destroying cities was a dream come true for him.

Speaking of Meg, I am now going to steal the gimmick she had in her LJ.

List up to ten things you’ve wanted to say to ten people. Do not state who they are.

1. I’m not as good a friend to you as I should be. I should embrace being your friend and be the best at it that I can be. Instead, I make things difficult. I will start to try.

2. My timing is horrible. Couldn’t be worse if I planned it that way. I can only imagine the grief and stress that it adds to the big picture. I will stop adding to that stress and grief to the best of my abilities.

3. Thanks for always being there when I need someone to complain to or get ideas from. You are always there to give me confidence when I need it and it is a fantastic quality that you have and I probably rely on it way too much.

4. We don’t have to say the way we feel to each other…our actions speak loud enough for us. I cherish our friendship and the times we spend together. It keeps me sane when I’m ready to go double mega ultra mass homicide on people because I at least know that when I doubt myself to the hilt, I at least have someone who believes in me.

Like Meg said this is hard. I’m talking with Joe perhaps that will give me more material.

Maybe more later.






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