Night and day

Yesterday I was bouncing off the walls and needing things to do. I was taking a 2 mile walk down the tow path and buying stuff to work in the yard.

Today I just want to sleep. I have no energy. I went to Joliet with Chris and had lunch and a little bit of shopping. I didn’t even feel up to doing that though.

I really should be out in the yard doing the things that I bought last night (planting some grass seed…saving my flowers etc) The damn rabbits and birds have destroyed almost all the flowers we put out.

The real estate taxes this year are going to kill me. I’m half tempted to sell the damn house and most of the shit in it and move into an apartment. Use the money from the sale to replenish the inheritance but then I would have to get a job to pay rent and that isn’t any fun. Blah I say. Blah.

Cubs win. Cubs win. Cubs win. I don’t get to say that too often anymore. It’s almost as fun as being able to say Jim wins. Jim wins. Jim wins. That gets to happen even less often though.

Time to go out in the yard and do some work.






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