Sox wanted mention of his chicanery…edited w/ a link

I guess in my update last night, I was more focused on the one main event of the evening and its ramifications that I was on the night as a whole. Brian felt left out so here is a more in depth review of events.

I said in the first update that no chicanery occured. That would be false. None of the planned chicanery happened. We still had some however when I was joking around trying to talk Sox into enterting the battle royal to get into the King of the Death Matches. Mike Burns was standing there and decided to film it. I was giving Sox pointers for how to do the battle royal and ensure himself victory. The next thing I know, Brian is running up to the ring and slides half way into the ring. Joey Eastman, the fan abuser that he is now, comes running at Sox and runs him out of the ring. Ian was quite perturbed by it and Brian came to me and begged me to tell Ian that I put him up to it so that he wouldn’t get killed. I smoothed things over but from now on, I have to remember that Sox is crazy and will do what you tell him to do!

The funniest part of the evening came at the Omega afterwards. Brian, Ray and me decided to go ahead and still go even though the ultrachicanery was a bust and even after the unfortunate mess up that I have already wrote about. Brian is talking to Ray and asks him…”So where did you sit tonight at the show?” Ray and I looked at him with this dumbfounded look and Ray says “right next to you!” Ray puts on his Bears hat and turns to the side and Brian goes “that was you? You looked skinnier.” So I can take solace in the fact that I wasn’t the only one to say something mindnumbingly stupid last night.

Fusion was waiting for me when I got online last night after texting with Brian at the restaurant. Fusion will be happy to know that after a good night’s sleep and time to think about things, I am now channeling Rocky from Rocky V during the street fight with Tommy Gunn. After Tommy had kicked his ass and was walking away thinking he had won, Rocky got back on his feet and said “Yo, Tommmmmmmaaaaay, I didn’t hear no bell.”

Speaking of people channeling other people, I demand royalties from Marek Brave after that promo he cut last night especially after directly stealing a quote from me and not even giving me credit for it when I was in the building. Of all the things!!!!

On a side note of things going good, I was able to procure 3 tickets to go see Carlos Mencia at the end of October up at the Rosemont Theater and since the other two tickets are for Ian and Mickie, I know an IWA show won’t pop up out of nowhere!!!!

Time to get ready to watch the Cubs get their brains bashed in by the White Sox.


I put up a My Space exclusive blog that includes several pictures of me as a baby with Moe Howard of the 3 Stooges hair and a couple with me from my flat top days. It also includes pictures of my mom and dad. For those that don’t check my My Space stuff, my user name is iwafannin73…look it up.






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