Ackwardness 101

I should have known that today was going to be disaster when Athletic Outfitters called at 5 pm and said that Ray’s shirt was done and ready to be picked up…3 hours after I had left town and was already in Midlothian.

Chicanery = zero. None of the planned chicanery came off as planned…of course. At first I was going to blame the disaster on Fusion for not showing up. He just saved himself the embarrassment of seeing me be a blundering jackass. Perhaps I have stressed so much how I love being prepared and having plans well thought out that I subconsciously have set myself up to make mistakes when forced to play it on the fly.

I fear that some things will be misunderstood due to the rushed nature that everything happened after the show ended late. I definitely mishandled the giving of the gift after SHE said she wouldn’t be going to dinner. Looking back with hindsight, I can say that I don’t handle ackward moments well.

Time to go to bed.






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