I’m too tired to give a full update

I got Carlos Zambrano’s autograph tonight. I went to IWA show and even went inside. I decided that I would refuse to let a pissant cause me to sit in my car. I’m very happy to have Zambrano’s autograph. He is my favorite current Cub. As Brent Blades or Marc Fusion pointed out, I can’t remember which since I was talking to both at the same time, Zambrano is a lot like me. Hot headed and prone to violence.

Ricochet vs. Matt Sydal was out of this world.

Marc Fusion due to health concerns will more than likely not attend Midlo tomorrow night which means that the chicanery is off or will at least have to be severely altered cause he is in possession of all the tshirts for the chicanery.

There is now some dissention in the ranks of the Horsemen as Sox is upset that he is the one being hazed and on probation while it is Fusion who isn’t risking his life for the cause. Well Sox, Fusion has been my number one fan for almost a year now. He gets a free pass on this occassion. But in the immortal words of Darth Vader, he “has failed me for the last time.” So take some comfort in that Sox.

Other areas of the chicanery are falling apart as well so it looks to be dead in the water. The story of my life.

I have a huge headache. I need to take some advil and go to bed.

Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.






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