Damn Vandals

I went to Wal-Mart to go grocery shopping with my grandma this afternoon and upon returning home, I noticed that someone had punched out my tail light. I don’t know when it happened. My guess is that it was done last night at the wrestling show after intermission. I went to my car and it was parked in a way that I had to walk past the back of my car to get to my car at intermission when I went outside. It wasn’t broken at that point in time. When I returned after intermission, I had to park elsewhere and the way in which I parked, I didn’t have to walk past the end of the car. I guess someone could have randomly walked up into the driveway this morning and decided to punch out my tail light but I don’t have any enemies in this area so I wouldn’t expect that it happened that way. There are no markings anywhere on the back of my car leaving little chance that a pickup truck backed into me or pulled into me at the arena or in my driveway. The break is too far up for a car to do it. One name comes to mind as a possibility for who could have done it but I will give some doubt to that cause I think even he is smart enough not to fuck with my car.

I’m getting ready to pull out for Midlothian. My uncle saw me drive past today and called to see if I wanted to go to the Indy 500 time trials with him and his son-in-law. I would have went if there were not a show. I went with him a couple of times when I was younger and it was fun even though I hate watching racing.

I guess that does it for this update. I may have more tonight if any chicanery gets to happen after the show. Here is to hoping for chicanery!!!!

Until next time…I hope my dreams from last night don’t come true 🙁






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