Two quick rants

Rant #1 – Deal or No Deal tonight. Another stupid fucking idiot played the game for too long. She came down to having $300K and then 4 cases that were $300 or less. Her supporters told her to take the offer. Her supporters in the audience told her to take the deal. The audience as a whole told her to take the deal. She didn’t. She left with $50. Stupid bitch.

Rant #2 – The Cubs were in a rain delay so I was flipping the channels and stopped on Larry King’s show on CNN. He had the CEO of Chevron on and asked him to explain gas prices. Chevron made a $4 BILLION PROFIT last quarter…3 months. The CEO claimed that they only make 5 CENTS ON A GALLON OF GAS. So in order to make a $4 BILLION PROFIT they would have had to sell 80 BILLION GALLONS OF GAS IN THREE MONTHS. That is just Chevron gas. That isn’t BP, Shell or any of the other gas companies out there. At least have the decency to use some Vaseline and give a reach around. Unless I’m supposed to believe that the profit comes from candy bars and soda and not gasoline at $3 a gallon when it used to be $1. Then the guy tried to make it seem like $4 Billion is not a lot of money in an industry as far reaching as gasoline. I would kiss SHITLIST on the lips for $4 BILLION so don’t tell me that it isn’t a lot of money. I could not promise that I wouldn’t have a knife in my hand and find a nice place in his back to put it or that I wouldn’t grab his face while kissing him on the lips and turn it into the Michael Corleone kiss of death on his brother Fredo from Godfather II and tell him “I know it was you Fredo and you broke my heart.” I’ll stop before this goes into a third rant.

Tomorrow night is the series finale of That 70s Show. Stuff if being sent to the house here on Friday that need to be taken to Midlo so I will not be going to the Zambrano autograph signing tomorrow night. I don’t want to give a cough 25 cent cough profit to the gas companies.

I shall see most of the readers of this LJ on Friday. Until then…prepare for ultrachicanery.






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