Dust and Debris is rising around me as chicanery crumbles to the ground

Carlos Zambrano is signing autographs up by the rec center in Streamwood tomorrow night. I might go up for that signing and then find something to do until the septic situation at the rec center is taken care of and just stay up in those parts at the hotel and go out to eat and what not after the show. We shall see.

I stopped in to check on the progress of Ray’s shirt today. They got the tshirt in but hadn’t ordered any of the letters yet because they had a question. They had my phone number. They could have called…but they didn’t. So now the shirt won’t be done until around next Wednesday. That does me no good for Friday night’s chicanery. I think this is a bad omen. A really bad omen.

I had a dream last night. All I will get into is that it involved a Big Boot from Hogan. Brent Blades, Sox and Fusion know the ramifications of that.

I have put all the ducks in a row for the other bit of chicanery but haven’t received a response yet to know if that will go off as I hoped. I don’t know what I will do if it doesn’t go according to plan cause the deadline is like June 2 to have the stuff in by.

I see everything for the chicanery crumbling around me and it makes for a sad Jim. I had about 4 or 5 great things planned and one by one they fail.

I still have a few options for saving the chicanery and we will see how it goes. I did some shopping at Target today and got the group gift. That could either go over like gangbusters and it could be the death blow.

Time to eat some Ramen Noodles, packs some bags and hope for the best.






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