yes it is another update…this one is about karma

I just finished watching tonight’s Deal or No Deal which ran incredibly late because Bush needed to talk about immigration. The lady on tonight’s show is the dumbest bitch I have ever seen. She needs to go home and drown herself in the toliet.

Her husband is in Iraq and they had him on a live feed via satellite. She got down to having $500K, $75K, $25 or $10 and the offer was $121K. Her husband told her to take the deal. All three of her helpers on the stage told her to take the deal. The audience told her to take the deal. She begged her husband for permission to go one more round. She said no deal and they went to a commercial. They came back and she couldn’t decide on a case. She was like “what have I done…what have I done?” She asked her husband to pick a case. He said case 12. She said case 12. Then before Howie had that case opened she asked to change her mind. She didn’t want to open that case. She went for case 11 instead. Case 11 held $500K and I almost passed out I was laughing so fucking hard at her dumb ass. The soldier’s father was there and he should have went up onto the stage and punched her right in the mouth for being a douchebag. Just like I said in my survey update…karma is real and it is a bitch. The best part of the whole thing was they opened case 12 and it was $25. If she would have listened to her husband, she would have left with about $175K. Well actually the stupid bitch would have said no deal again and then picked her number 11 case and fucked up.

I so want to get on that show. The censors would have to be on their toes. I wouldn’t last long on the show though because I would not take any wild chances on there.

I’m done making fun of others ill fortunes. For now.






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