Thoughts and a survey taken from myspace

Today was a waste at the gym. I had no desire to be there. My 4 tylenol pms from late last night were just beginning to work when Grandma came in to wake me up. I did a few lifts and my shoulders were creaking and popping as were my elbows so I decided to hell with it and got onto the treadmill. I was walking on the treadmill and thinking about things when this burning sensation overcame my chest. I thought it might be a heart attack and that the years of hate, anger and grease had finally taken its toll. I kept walking for a few more minutes and the burning left but there was still tightness so I decided that I didn’t want to die on a treadmill…there is no glory in that and I can’t take any of my enemies with me if I’m on a treadmill. I’m guessing since I’m still alive that it was just some heartburn from the hot sauce galore I put on the meatloaf sandwiches yesterday.

I went out to Wal-Mart and got my grandma some roses of mixed colors as a late Mother’s Day present. I was going to take her out to eat yesterday but she got up and cooked ham, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, my corn casserole thing I love, and about four other pots of stuff. So she had to wait and get some flowers today.

Kudos to Fusion for getting the correlation between yesterday’s update and the Sgt. Slaughter “I want my country back” promo from 15 years ago. Of course I had the originally ending in place at that time that I then took out cause it made it too obvious. The original ending was along the lines of “I know that I have made mistakes and brought this wrath upon myself but I am asking for forgiveness. I want to be friends with the world again like we were a few years ago…and that’s an order maggot.” I guess I could have just removed the “and that’s an order maggot” part but I dumped the whole finish. Fusion was distraught and wanted to know who in the hell hacked into my journal and wrote that optimistic mumbojumbo and said the shock to his system was almost enough to lead to his heart attack on the spot. I apologize my friend. I didn’t mean to scare you or kill you. I told Fusion the escape plan and he is resting comfortably now.

Anyway, since Ray doesn’t read the myspace blogs and he needs surveys to kill time at work, here is the survey from yesterday’s myspace blog.
Do you believe in God?: Yes I do and I believe that God hates my guts and is out to get me and make me as miserable as possible due to something that I have done in the past.

True love?: I do believe in true love and I believe that it doesnt believe in meat least not yet

Heaven?: I strongly believe in the sense of heaven. I would like to be there one day so I could see my mom, my dad and my grandpa again.

Hell?: I know hell is real. It is my lifesince I was three

Satan?: I believe there is a Satan and I have a few ideas on who it is and what I can do to kill him

Are you an atheist?: Nope. Like I said earlier, I believe in God
Agnostic?: Noagain, I am pretty positive that there is a God and that I did something very wrong at one point and Im paying for it in spades.

Karma?: Karma does indeed exist. Here is proof. I go forever without mentioning a certain person. I respond to a question with a statement that he is so far buried from my life that it would take a dig 1500 years from now to dig him up and it only took less than a month. See that is Karma ladies and gentlemen. Karma kicking me in the nuts and saying dont you ever challenge me like that again. Have I learned my lesson? I highly doubt it.

Immortality?: Well it seems like I have been alive foreverdoes that count?

Do you believe in parallel universes?: Well I only hope that it is a bizzaro parallel universe and the home of the happiest GD Jim Fannin that can exist and that I am the ruler of the universe. That would be nice and I would like to go visit that universe.

Do you believe in evolution?: In a sense all things evolve and change. You adapt. You persevere. You overcome. I dont think that man just up and evolved out of apes without a supreme being wanting man and planning on man however.

Do you believe in superheroes?: We were a damn good collection of talent.

Do you believe that the means justify the ends?: Absolutely.

Do you believe that anything can happen?: I would like to think that anything could happen. I would like to think that one day my luck will change and that things will go my way. I would like to think that one day, I will get the two things that I have left to accomplish in life and that having to struggle and work so damn hard to get it will make it that much more special and meaningful to me.

=>The Ideal Mate<=
Hair color: This one has been played out so all together now: RED but now for a curve ball and an addendum to the list: strawberry blonde is almost as good as RED

Hair style: Again all together now for the double kryptonite ultra Jim Fannin weakness: PIGTAILS

Any makeup?: Makeup is alright as long as it isnt too much. I like a natural look.

Clothing style: Well there is this shirt that would be awesome for her to wear

Shy or outgoing?: She can be outgoing to help get me out of my shell but shy is ok too

Funny or serious?: I love a great sense of humor but some issues are serious issues

Respectful or perverted?: A fine mixture of bothsometimes it is ok to be perverted

Ideal height: shorter than me ideally so I dont feel short

Body type: Im perfectly fine with some junk in the trunk and I need meat on the bones. I dont want some rail thin super model that a 5 mph wind gust could blow away.

Cup size or condom size: I would like for her boobs to be bigger than mine

Conformist or nonconformist?: I want her to be her not what she thinks others want

Intellectual or unintelligent?: Intellectual. I cant talk to a stupid person.

What would their hobbies be?: share some of the same as me and some that are her own. I think she would definitely have to like wrestling or at least be able to tolerate it. Tolerate football and baseball. Hanging out with friends.

Would they hug you often?: I love hugs
Kiss you often?: That can cause chapped lips
Have you already found your ideal mate?: I found one that I would like to see if she is
Your ideal date: being on one would be fantastic
Your ideal wedding: having one would be ideal
How many kids?: 2

What will their names be?: a boy I would like to name John Mitchell so I could get my dads name in there and repay Ian for naming James Christopher after me

What do you think they would look like?: They will be the cutest damn kids ever
Are you taken or single?: unfortunatelyvery single at the moment






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