Get well wishes for Fusion

I am speaking with Marc Fusion right now and the result from his doctor’s appointment today was not good. He still has blood pressure numbers that are outlandishly high and of great concern. He has to go and see a specialist on Friday to see if they can find a way to get his BP back down to safe levels.

His status for the ultrachicanery on Friday night is in great jeopardy. It would not be the same without his presence since it was his idea to form the group. He will be there in spirit but I don’t think that that will be of any help to me when I’m trying to keep that madman Sox under control and well behaved.

I ask that people reading this journal send some get well wishes out to Fusion. It is the least that I can do for my number one fan…especially since some of this is my fault. The added stress of the duties of the Horsemen have been too much for him. The planning of ultrachicanery has been an ongoing process for several weeks now and it has run into several glitches. He has seen too many changes in me over the last several weeks as well. Adding Sox into the group and actually going to concerts and Hooters and Denny’s has been as big a cultural shock for him as seeing me go to karaoke. The other night he asked who I was and what I had done with the old Jim Fannin.

Fusion has asked that plans go on as much as normal on the 19th even if he is unable to join the festivities. Most of the plans surround props that he has in his possession but we can improvise and find something else to do in its place. He requested that Necro hit a home run at KOTDM for him and he is requesting that I win one for the Gipper if he doesn’t make it. I will do what I can Fusion. I will do what I can.

That is all for now.

Until next time…Get Well Marc Fusion






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