We have decided on Sox’s punishment

Today was not much fun for the most part. I spent 1 hour standing in the rain at the Streamwood Rec Center at the entrance to the parking lot waiting for IWA fans to show up to get flyers to help flyer for the show. A couple of fans said that they would come on the message board and Sox was going to come as well. I got a call from Sox saying that he overslept and was running late. I guess hitting on Fusion and acting unprofessional and with a total lack of class last night during the trial run of the Horsemen was exhausting for him. Anyways, there was a garage sale and a softball signup going on at the Rec Center and thus the parking lot was full. I stood in the rain for an hour…from 1 to 2…meeting time was 1:30 so that they couldn’t say that they showed up and couldn’t find me…they would have had to drive right past me standing there in my Morris Redskins state championship sweatshirt and Morris Redskins State Champions hat. I think I am recognizable for my love of Morris Redskins as I am for my love of IWA and since there aren’t IWA sweatshirts, I went with Morris garb. It was all for naught however. After freezing and being soaked, I went back and got in my car and pulled up to the stop sign right in front of the parking lot and turned on my flashing lights so that I could stick out like a sore thumb in case anyone was running as severely late as Sox. Sox eventually shows up at 3 pm and we leave to go give the flyers to Joey Eastman so he can get them out. Maybe the fans aren’t as scared to mingle with Joey Eastman as they are with me. Or hopefully they like him better than they like me. Either way, Joey has sworn to get the flyers out in full and I will trust him to do so especially after he VIOLATING LAW NUMBER ONE IN THE WORLD OF FANNIN. He was reprimanded on the spot for his sin and I’m sure it will never happen again. But getting back to who is in the most trouble due to events of the last two days…of course, Sox got us lost on the way to meet Joey but we got back on track and finished the exchange. I stopped at Toys R Us cause I’m still a Toys R Us kid and I found John Calvin the two newest Rey figures out…Deluxe Aggression 2 and Ruthless Agression 19. Now I know that I won’t be getting punted in the jewels by him in case he didn’t like the monsters destroying cities game (even though Meg thinks it would be his dream come true). I cover all my bases and am thorough like that.

Sox and I then went to the Hooters in Schaumburg after that. Again Sox showed poor maturity as he was constantly drooling over the waitresses. He got up to go to the bathroom and had a huge blot of ketchup down the front of his shirt and didn’t know it. He was hitting on the waitress as he walked to the restroom and then came back to the table in tears wanting to know why I didn’t tell him he looked like a dweeb with bad hair and ketchup all over his shirt when he was smiling and nodding at the waitress. I can tell you now Sox since I am safe at home…because it wouldn’t have been as funny if I told you before hand.

I had mentioned in the last update that there would have to be a roundtable discussion to determine what Sox’s punishment would be for his actions last night. The powers that be of MY HORSEMEN has decided that his punishment will have to do with karaoke. The next time the Horsemen gather for karaoke, Sox has to sing the “Don’t You Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me” song from the Heineken commercials. He is also put on double secret probation so ssshhhhhh DON’T TELL HIM!!!!!

Today I gave Sox a big speech reminiscent of the speech Patrick Swayze gave the other bouncers in Roadhouse when he told them to be nice until it was time not to be nice. “You will act mature and civilized and respectful until it is time to not act that way.” When he asked just like they did “How will I know when it is that time?”, I responded the same way as Swayze, “I will tell you.” I promised him that there would be potential on the 19th for him to be as bizarre and crazy as he wants depending on how things go. That is how chicanery rolls. It could get totally out of hand and we could all end up in jail…or it could result in absolutely nothing but waiting for another day and another opportunity.

I can’t wait for Friday. It shall be fun or it shall be the death of me (I had two dreams last night about the 19th and both resulted in my “death”…one in a good way, one in a bad way but I don’t see the good way occurring because that would just be too easy for me) but either way at least I’ll have fun.






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