What to do when bored…spend money!!!

Well I’ve been bored the last couple of days. It shows by the amount of shopping that I have done. Yesterday I drove to Joliet to go to Toys R Us and buy the title belts for the chicanery on the 19th. Today I went downtown and went to the athletic store in town and bought a Morris Redskins state champions skull cap for winter and a nice pair of baggy black nike shorts. Can’t beat comfortable shorts with pockets. They rule! I also dropped off the tshirt that Fusion had made for me back on my birthday and am having one made for Ray to finish off the chicanery for the 19th. I’m looking forward to it. My partner in crime for chicanery has always been Maniwa so I feel a little off by orchestrating this stuff and Maniwa not being involved. I know have to come up with some good chicanery for Maniwa and me to partake in to make it right.

I usually try to entertain and make people laugh at the ignorance that is contained in my journal. For some it works masterfully just as it was planned. Several others get irritated with the same old story being told over and over again in such a negative light. I need to find a different story to tell. You can only take the underdog being put down by the world and beaten and kicked around story so far. Eventually the underdog has to pull out a victory or else it is no longer an underdog, it is just a loser. Everyone loves an underdog. Everyone hates a loser. Besides, I don’t make for a very good sympathetic character. I speak loudly and swing a barbed wire bat…that isn’t the characteristics of an underdog. The people that want to cheer for me to win will do so. Then there will be those that will cheer against me. That is just life. Quite frankly I have tired of the same old story as well. Not everything is life and death. I can’t successfully pull off making everything out to be a life and death struggle with me as the heroic underdog fighting the odds. I need to get some creativity and find another direction to take some of these updates to keep them entertaining for those that stop by and give it a look.

I will stick with throwing in rants because that is what I am best at. I will continue to complain because that is what I’m second best at. Do what you do well and do it often…that is a motto of mine. So while I try to figure out a way to find a need plot for stories on this journal, I shall finish up with a couple of rants.

1) The Chicago Cubs. You have to give it to them. The Cubs can find more ways to blow a season than any other team in history. It has gotten to the point where I only watch like one or two innings and once they are losing by 2 runs, I know the game is over and stop watching. Tonight’s game hasn’t even started yet and I’m ready to try to fall asleep. I’m sick of hearing Hendry say that no one is willing to trade this early in the season so he can’t go out and get a replacement for the injured D. Lee. Bullshit. The Red Sox just made a trade and got Wakefield’s old catcher back. They found a way to get that deal done this early in the season. You can’t tell me that he couldn’t call the Pirates and say here is Glendon Rusch, Jerry Hairston and one other mid level prospect, maybe Novoa and get Craig Wilson from them. He can at least play first, hit some homers, let Walker go back to second base and put the batting order back into the position it was in when they were playing well at the start of the season.

2) I’m almost positive that Barry Bonds will get the HRs needed to pass Babe Ruth in this series against the Cubs. Dusty will have Cubs pitch to Barry since he managed him for so many years and let him pass the Babe. I don’t want to see Bonds pass Ruth. I want to see his leg bone snap and end his career so that a steroided up goon doesn’t succeed. They were showing highlights on ESPN yesterday highlighting his significant homers in his career. He is three times bigger from head to toe now than he was as a 24 year old with the Pirates. Human beings don’t continue to grow like that at that age. If it isn’t steroids, then it is HGH. Get the asterisk ready because it will be needed. To hell with cheaters. I’d throw every pitch at his head if I was against him just to make sure he got my message. But then again, I have an unique way of sending my messages.

I’m done for the night.

Until next time…give me some ideas on plots for future story telling adventures on the LJ.






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