blah blah blah

Damn this day. Honestly. Truly. Damn it to the hell from which it came. My stomach is still bothering me and I’m starving. Damn this diet. Damn being overweight. I have a headache. Damn it also.

Yes I’m in a stellar mood as you can tell. Still.

Well it’s almost 9 o’clock and I think I’m going to go to bed.

Tomorrow can only be better than today. Or at least I can hope.

I guess it could be another day of bad vibes and not feeling well. But then it would just be the same. No better. No worse.

I did go out and by the kid’s title belts for the picture chicanery on the 19th. I still have to get Ray a shirt made up. I might work on that tomorrow. Then it will be at least talking Fusion into driving up for the pictures and chicanery if nothing else.

Until next time…never drop your guard. ever.






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