The Good, The Bad and The Ugly plus an extra set not on Myspace

The Good – spending a lot of time yesterday with my cousin and feeling like it was a time machine back to a better time. My cousin, Chuck, used to be like my big brother. He always watched out for me and in a way, he was like my training ground for what I got into with the wrestling business. He was my Mean Mitch Page, Bull Pain, BJ Whitmer of my childhood. I could talk shit, rile people up and he was my security to make sure that nothing bad happened to me in return. Our lives went in different directions but it is still great when we spend time together and he is away from his rough element of friends and decisions of which I don’t approve. It was a fun drive to Streamwood and back from Streamwood talking and reminiscing and catching up on events that have gone on in our lives. I think I might start bringing him along to more shows like that.

The Bad – Getting lost by taking new directions on how to get to Streamwood without taking toll roads and such. Yahoo maps says turn left onto W. Lake St/US – 20. I assume that means US – 20 WEST since both east and west are LEFT TURNS. You know what they say about ASS-U-ME. The next thing I know, I’m in Bartlett, then Elgin, then South Elgin and something else and I keep going “If I can just run into Irving Park Road, I’ll be alright” but it was nowhere to be found. We had passed a W. Bartlett Road on IL-59 and so we doubled back and thought maybe that would get us there if we went down it far enough. Wrong Bartlett Road. So we get back onto US-20 and I decide to go east instead of west and lo and behold, I get to the proper Bartlett Road and get to the building. Time lost to driving around 25 minutes.

The Ugly – Me.

The Good – Hanging out with Ian, Mickie, Sox and my cousin. That was a lot of fun and distracted the attention away from the wrestling which is definitely a good thing.

The Bad – Mickie had a torn muscle in her back so she was in intense pain all day and wasn’t moving around very well.

The Ugly – I have lost all faith in humanity, not that I had much to begin with, after seeing that that many TNA marks exist in the world. “Why don’t you sell TNA DVDs?” “Because as much as I hate the world, I would not do that to the world cause my conscience wouldn’t allow it.” “What’s that mean?” The future looks dim my friends. Very dim.

The Good – IWA Mid-South runs Streamwood on Thursday night May 18th with Sabu, El Generico, Kevin Steen and Axl Rotten.

The Bad – I will not be at that show.

The Ugly – Why I won’t be at that show…because things would get very ugly…very quickly.

The Good – IWA Mid-South runs Midlothian on Friday night May 19th. I will be there. Hopefully a great time will be had after the show.

The Bad – I had to take a hit on the Seinfeld tickets in order to clear the calendar for the 19th.

The Ugly – my “hideous shirt” that Mickie, Maniwa and Ian made fun of last week. It is black and orange short sleeve button down shirt from Wal-Mart. I call it my Mitch Page shirt because it is black and orange (Mean & Hard’s colors) and is the style of shirt that Mitch wears over his wife beaters to shows. I removed it from the car yesterday before going because I didn’t want it to take any more abuse like my ancient cell phone did!

The Good – Telling stories at IHOP until 3 am and having fun after the show last night.

The Bad – Not going to karaoke as originally planned because there was way too much talking going on at the building *cough* *cough* and then Mickie getting pulled over by the PO PO on the way to karaoke because she swerved while adjusting her seat to alleaviate some of the pain in her back and by the time that got straightened out, not enough time for karaoke.

The Ugly – I had two slices of pizza at the show and then chicken strips and fries at IHOP and my stomach problems came back to me in full force after having something to eat other than bowls of Special K cereal and grilled chicken and broccoli and steak. I didn’t have my emergency pepto in the car anymore so I had to stop at a gas station and reload. Damn my stomach! I won’t be getting my Maria’s pizza today because I don’t want to have an entire day of feeling like that.

That sums up the good, the bad and the ugly from yesterday.

Here is the Good, the Bad and the Ugly from today:

The Good – talking with Fusion and Sox about the May 19th aftershow events and coming up with ignorant ideas for picture fun…perhaps the debut of Fannin Horsemen with my three biggest fans.

The Bad – How bad this is probably going to turn out in practice even though it is great fun in theory.

The Ugly – a couple of things. My stomach is still killing me. I thought it was just the food yesterday not agreeing with me but now I know that it is the stress and the such surrounding the things running through my mind. The other ugly will be the bunch of us on the 19th in these thsirts and acting stupid.

Until next time…I need to try to make peace with the world and call a truce and maybe just maybe, something good can occur as a peace offering from the world to let me know that the truce has been accepted.






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