Some questions answered and I became a gardener today

I got a message the other day asking me why I haven’t made a good rant against SHITSLIST in quite some time. I guess they miss reading those rants. The answer is quite simple. In the world of Fannin, SHITLIST cut his own throat and I buried him so deeply that it will take an archaeological dig in the year 3500 in order to unbury him. I can beat a dead horse and keep burying him deeper but what is the point? He proved that he had shit for brains because his brains were in his ass and the steroid needle did irrepairable harm while being jabbed into his brains. Our paths shall never cross again and everyone knows my feelings on what a complete and total waste of a human being that his boring, no charisma having, talent from a bottle, needs to do the world a huge favor and put a gun in his mouth and pull the trigger that he is. Sorry I got a little carried away there. So as you can see, the hatred is still there in tremendous amounts. But you won’t be reading anymore rants against that particular individual in my journals. I have moved on to bigger fish to fry and as long as he stays out of my life and out of my sight, I will have no reason to dig him up…rant…and bury him even deeper in the future. It was a good question since there have been some changes in my life regarding one of the main reasons for the hate but there are just so damn many more reasons to despise that motherfucker and hopefully that answer will suffice and keep it from ever being brought up again.

I didn’t have many nightmares and such last night so I had a decent night of sleep and woke up nice and early. I ended up going to the gym much earlier than I have been going. I did quite a few lifts…most that I have done yet. However, both good treadmills that I like to use were being used by older ladies. One was going about 1 MPH on it and reading a book. I could tell that she wasn’t going anywhere any time soon so I just decided to head on home and use my own treadmill. I went 40 minutes on it while watching Samoa Joe vs. Necro I and all the replays and then Necro vs. Toby. So I guess it ended up being a decent workout today. The walking on the treadmill got the kinks out of my foot for the most part.

Grandma and I went out to Wal-Mart and did some home improvement shopping. We got some fertilizer and weed killer for the lawn, some edging to put around the deck to keep the rabbits from digging out the rocks and making a mess and some flowers to plant. We went with orange Tiger Lillies for the front of the house. We went with yellow and purple daisies for the back of the house. So this afternoon I planted flowers…put up edging and spread fertilizer on the lawn. Very productive day for me. I haven’t even watched any television today outside of the 40 minutes of wrestling while doing the treadmill.

Here is a picture of the tiger lillies we planted in the front yard…we put out three plants of them.


image gone 🙁

Well it is time for Jeopardy so I’m outta here for the day.

Until next time…I’ll leave you with this rant against the juror decision in the terrorist case. When a son of a bitc sits in the courtroom and says that he wishes he could kill more Americans and that everyday could be like 9/11 you put the fucker in a torture chamber and you kill him. You don’t put him in prison for life like a bunch of bleeding heart pussies. As soon as he said that shit in the courtroom, the bailiff should have pulled out his gun and shot in the asshole right in the knee and then in the other knee and then in both feet and then in the hands and then shot him in the stomach and let the fucker bleed to death while in intense amounts of pain. Instead lets feed him and clothe him and keep him alive for the rest of his life so he can try to escape. I hate the court system in this country. It is a joke. Those 12 jurors should be smacked in the fact with a thumbtack bat for being cowards or being stupid whichever it was that led to the decision.






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