just another day

I slept horrible last night. It was rainy and muggy outside and it carried over into the house. I had even turned the thermostat down to compensate but it was still too warm in the house. Every time I would try to roll over, my left foot would not like the positioning and would keep me awake. I got on the computer and stayed up until almost 2 am.

Mikey bought my Seinfeld tickets at a discounted rate so now there is no holding me back from making it to the May 19th show in Midlothian. Fun times ahead. Fun times indeed. Hopefully.

I went and got a new cell phone today. After the last Midlo show, Meg and Sox ridiculed my phone and made it feel bad about itself. I am now up to an i710 from Nextel instead of the old i205. Now my phone is closer to joining the year 2006 than the old phone. Hopefully it won’t get picked on as mercilessly!!! You says that I’m opposed to change?

I had a horrible day at the gym today. The only two good treadmills were being used. My foot didn’t want to do anything. I did a few lifts. I did 20 minutes on the treadmill and said to hell with it. I used the extra time to get the new phone and to mail Mikey his Seinfeld tickets.

Tomorrow should be right back into the swing of things…hopefully.

Until next time…a moment of silence please for the old phone committing suicide out of embarrassment and ridicule. It was a good phone. It did what it was supposed to do. So long old pal.

P.S. – Happy Birthdays to Marc Fusion and Sox






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