a couple of rants…edited with Famous Last Words and a music survey

I don’t know if I like going to the gym when happy, upbeat and motivated. I can’t move my legs. The top of my left foot wants no weight to be put down upon it. I almost fell over stepping down off the bench in the sauna because my left foot didn’t like having pressure put upon it. I started off with just a little bit of lifting. I then went and did 45 minutes on the treadmill. I then went and did another set of bicep curls, drank some water, got a new piece of gum and returned to the treadmill and went another 60 minutes. Grand totals on the treadmill: 1 hour 45 minutes; 6 miles; 1750 calories burned. I probably could have went another 15 minutes at a much slower and less inclined pace but I thought better of it. I think I topped out at 3.7 MPH with an incline grade of 13.5 and burning 22 calories a minute. Thank God for Propel Gatorade water, regular water and ramen noodles. I can move again. Barely.

I had to get home by today in order to put out all the bags of clothes and other donations for the Purple Heart military organization. About 8 bags of stuff that had to be put out by 7:30 am according to the letter they sent us. They didn’t get here until a little after 9 according to my grandma. I love promptness.

I didn’t rant on the Bears in the LJ update from yesterday. Therefore, I will do it now. What do you draft when you are a team with the 2nd ranked defense and the 29th ranked offense in the league? Why all defense of course!!! Why improve on the part of the team that wasn’t even up to subpar Division 1 college football standards? When you desperately need a TE and there are four good ones in the draft and three of them are taken immediately after the Bears pick defense…that is brilliant isn’t? When you need a WR that can gain more than 6 yards a catch and you don’t draft one, that is brilliant isn’t? I’m glad they got 5 guys to stand on the sidelines with their hands down their pants all season. Why get better when you are completely fine with getting your ass kicked in the first playoff game you play? Hello 8-8 season…if the Bears are lucky.

While ranting on Chicago teams, now for my rant on the Cubs. I want to start a petition to hire a rooftop sniper at Wrigley. The next time Glendon Rusch even comes within 10 yards of the mound, he should be shot. I can give up 3 runs in the first inning of every start too. I can let everyone hit the ball out to the street. I can do all that for much cheaper than what Glendon Rusch is getting paid to do it every start. There is a reason that the Cubs signed him originally to a minor league contract…because that is where his no talent I’m only in the majors because I pitch left handed and that guarantees me a job until I’m 45 belongs. I guess the Cubs like the Bears, don’t mind being an also ran.

It is time to go grocery shopping and sit around and watch television all day.

Until next time…don’t give up on happiness, it’s still in the ballgame.

Your Famous Last Words Will Be:

List 10 musical artists you like (do this before reading the questions below).

1. Frank Sinatra
2. Toby Keith
3. Tim McGraw
4. Kenny Chesney
5. Martina McBride
6. George Strait
7. Garth Brooks
8. Tom Jones
9. Brooks and Dunn
10. Beatles

What was the first song you ever heard by 6? :
Probably “All My Exes Live In Texas”

What is your favorite album of 8?:
I have only really had the Greatest Hits with “It’s Not Unusual” “What’s New Pussycat” “She’s A Lady” “Thunderball”

What is your favorite lyric of 5? :
Hmmm…Favorite Martina McBride lyric “She tried to pretend he wasn’t drinkin’ again but Daddy left the proof on her cheek and everybody looked the other way” from “Independence Day”

How many times have you seen each of your ten bands live?:
1. 0 🙁
2. 1
3. 5
4. 1
5. 3
6. 3
7. 0
8. 0 but hopefully I go to the concert in Louisville in June!!!!
9. 1
10. 0

What is your favorite song by 7?:
I like too many songs from Garth to narrow it down to one…Top 6 would be “The Dance” “The Change” “I Don’t Have To Wonder Anymore” “Much Too Young To Feel This Damn Old” “That Summer” “Learning To Live Again”

Is there a song of 3 that makes you sad?:
Tim McGraw’s “Live Like You Were Dying” video makes me sad when it shows his dad pitching in the World Series

What is your favorite song by 2? :
“Courtesy of The Red White and Blue”, “Good As I Once Was”, “How Do You Like Me Now”

What is your favorite song by 9?:
“Believe”, “I Am That Man”

What is your favorite album by 1?:
Frank Sinatra: The Reprise Collection – 20 great songs

How did you get into 3?
Chris and I went to see Tim McGraw/Faith Hill in Chicago before they were even dating after seeing Faith Hill on CMT and Tim McGraw was awesome at that concert.

What is your favorite song by 4?:
“A Chance”

Who is your favorite band member in 9?
I prefer Kix Brooks

Which of the 10 has influenced you the most?:
Frank Sinatra…given me theme song for my life…just easy to listen to and then singing him at karaoke has made me a little more fun to be around.

What is a good memory concerning 2?:
Going to his concert as a birthday present from Ian and Patti. It was a fun time.

Is there a song by 8 that makes you sad?:
Not really. I haven’t really heard much of his stuff though.

What is your favorite song by 1?:
“My Way”

How did you become a fan of 10?:
My mom would always listen to the oldies station in the car when we would drive around town and I liked the Beatles, Elvis, Simon and Garfunkel, Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison…quite a bit of the oldies. I still listen frequently to oldies stations on the road trips to Louisville and back.






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