My trip to Louisville

So I took off on Thursday and went down to Ian’s for the Jerry Lawler autograph thingamajiggy on Saturday night. The trip down was not much fun at all. The idiots that work for the state of Illinois highway department thought it would be a good idea to run some sort of tractor gimmick on the side of the road on Route 47 causing all the pebbles and dirt to go from the side of the road to right in the middle of the road. The semitrucks in front of me then caused the pebbles and dust to pelt my car for 90 mintues on my way down to I-74 by Champaign. At times I thought I was in a dust storm that belonged in The Grapes of Wrath. Then when I got to Indianapolis and was on the bypass, there was an accident on the other side of the highway. What does everyone on my side do? Why slow down to a stop and take a good look at the smashed up truck because evidently they have never seen a car that was in an accident before. That added a nice 20 minute delay to the trip. Those that have been in a car with me and see how I react to such things can just imagine how crazy I was going during this. Unfortunatley, this was just a minor incident compared to what was waiting 50 miles up the road. After getting onto I-65 south and getting around an hour north of Louisville, they had the movable signs out saying “accident ahead.” They were talking about it on the radio. 90 minutes later and two miles farther north, I see that somehow a semi had flipped over the guardrail, taken out two trees and spun around backwards out into the woods. They had a huge crane in the road trying to pull it out of the trees. I don’t even want to know how in the hell the driver managed to do it. I just want him to never drive again for making me sit on the interstate for 90 minutes while they tried to fix his mess. Thankfully, I got to Ian’s in one piece and without having a heart attack.

Friday was a fun day even though it was the anniversary of Chris Candido’s death. I went over to Maniwa’s and picked him up and we went figure shopping to a couple of Toys R Us’, Wal-Marts and the mall. While at the mall, I bought James Christopher two Curious George books and Danny and the Dinosaur. Danny and the Dinosaur was one of the first books that I ever read. Maniwa can verify that I was quite happy to find that book in the store. I have since read them to James Christopher and he sits still and looks at the pictures and listens intently to me reading to him. It was the first time that I had really gotten to hang out with Maniwa in quite awhile. Adrianne came over to his house and I dropped him off back home and then later Mickie and I went back over and got them and we went to Cheddar’s to grab a meal even though they had already eaten by that time. It was fun but I ate way too much. Diet be damned I guess. I just weighed myself though and I’m the same weight as when I left on Thursday so I guess it is alright.

I bought the Louisville paper on Friday and it was chock full of goodness. Tom Jones is doing a concert in Louisville in June! My God I have to go to that. “What’s New Pussycat” was my theme song for my match against Prazak back in 2000 and I used it again in Highland when doing the “Carlton” dance to try to impress Mickie. I was going crazy for that all day. The horoscope was also very good. I like to read them and get a good laugh but this one spoke to me. It said that I was going to have a good day at internet flirting by sending out a zippy email. It also said that a long standing rivalry would come to a positive conclusion for me that day. I don’t know about rivalries but I did go ahead and send out a message to see how correct the first part of the horoscope was.

We went to the Lawler thing on Saturday night. It was at the Houston Astros Class A team so that was a kick in the stomach to me. Going to the Astros for a WWE event. The worst of two worlds colliding on me. It was cold and rainy. We just went to the line and waited for the autographs. Thankfully there were no know it alls present like there were the week of Wrestlemania at the all the events we went to. We got about 6 Lawler figures signed and went back to the car and headed back to Louisville.

That concludes the wonderful weekend that was. I won’t be going to Seinfeld on May 19th because I have more reason to go to the IWA show now. I will have to get Chris to take both tickets for that. I’ll have more fun by not going to Seinfeld. I actually found myself smiling today while driving home. I was thinking about a couple of things and then looked in the mirror to see if anything was behind me and I was actually smiling. That folks does not happen very often at all.

Until next time…Happy Fannin is still breathing and fighting…we’ll see what the future holds in store.






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