Memories of Candido

I won’t get on here and type a huge story or tell all my favorite memories of Chris Candido. I would be here until next year. I can honestly say that Chris Candido was the best name that has come in to IWA in the time that I have been here and that goes back to just shortly after the beginning of IWA. There have been some that came close like Tracy Smothers and Billy Gunn but no one took the time and the effort like Chris to watch the shows and give insight to everyone. No one was more fun to be around. Whether it was Chris giving Super Dragon shit for two hours in my grandma’s van about not saying anything during the trip or whether it was Chris sitting in a restaurant after the show wearing a beach towel and rolling around the restaurant with glee because his chair had wheels on it, he was a joy to be around and always provided a great laugh. I almost had to legally change my name to J.J. because I was always JJ Dillon and the Fannin Family was always the Horsemen to Chris and whenever he called to talk it was always “Is JJ there” or if I was returning a call I had to say “It’s JJ” because he wouldn’t respond to “It’s Jim.”

I would always look forward to the shows that he was coming in for and knew that the long car ride was going to be something to remember. I am notorious for being anti-social and not very outgoing. Chris would get me out of my shell. Chris Candido brought out the best in me because that was the kind of person that he was. It was a priviledge and an honor to get to manage him and I can honestly say that one of the reasons that I stepped away from managing after War Games was because Chris was gone. It just wasn’t the same anymore. While standing ringside I would be thinking, it should be Chris in there right now.

Sox said how Chris is in heaven right now wearing his WWF Sunny tshirt and that is a fact. He always wore that shirt. He also has a picture of Tammy by his bedside because he always had that at the hotels.

I dearly miss Chris Candido and will always have a place in my heart that will be filled with the best memories that we shared and I am blessed to have had him as a friend even though it was for only a few months.

RIP in Chris. Thanks for the memories and the good times. You will always be loved and missed. There will never be another you.






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