Tonight is one of those nights

It’s 10:30 pm and I’ve just spent the last 90 minutes tossing and turning while trying to fall asleep. I guess it can’t be called nightmares since I wasn’t asleep but negative thoughts were drowning me so I needed to take 4 tylenol pms in order to try to help me get some sleep. Hopefully within the hour, I’ll be sound asleep and it won’t matter what my mind is thinking about because I’ll be too tired to care.

Tomorrow I leave to go back down to Louisville. Hopefully I will take more pictures of James Christopher…maybe even of him wearing his Cubs outfit that I got him at the Sears Tower. We go to Lexington on Saturday to try to get some Jerry Lawler autographs. I’ll just take my classics figure. I won’t blow up my picture to 8 X 10 and have him sign that since I already have an autographed picture.

The Cubs blew it today. I guess things like that should be expected. They have the same problem with history that I have.

I watched That 70s Show tonight on FX. I don’t like the episodes as much when Donna was dating Kelso’s brother and not with Eric. Then on tonight’s episode, Kelso’s brother dumps her and she starts kissing Eric and tells him that they should be together and he says no that he won’t be her second choice. I have to agree with the mother…”What a dumbass.” In that situation, I wouldn’t care if I was the fifth choice…just be thankful that the first four choices didn’t work out and that you have the opportunity to be where you want to be. As the cliche goes…something about not looking a gift horse in the mouth or something. Who cares how you get what you want as long as you get it. Enjoy it while you can.

I did better at the gym this morning. I lifted more than usual and did 65 minutes on the treadmill. That doesn’t make up for dogging it the previous two days but at least I sort of got back on track today. Tomorrow is looking like it will be another dog day however.

I have tickets to go see Jerry Seinfeld on May 19th which is the next Midlothian show. I can’t believe that the date got moved for Midlo after I got the tickets. That is just my luck. I’m considering just letting Chris have both tickets and taking his wife and going to the show especially if other things end up working in my favor. I just have a gut feeling that Seinfeld is going to disappoint and not be worth the large ticket price and I probably wouldn’t enjoy it anyway knowing that a show is going on at the same time. As they say all the time in the mobster movies/series…”this is the life we have chosen.”

I watched Deal or No Deal tonight and the damnedest thing happened. The black lady on the show was down to three cases left…two with the models and her case. $1 million, $1,000 and $400 were the amounts left. She took the $215,000 offer and her suitcase ended up having the $1 million in it!!!! That is something that would happen to me.

Well I guess I have babbled enough for tonight. Hopefully I can get some sleep now.

Until next time…Grumpy Fannin has Happy Fannin tied to the railroad tracks and the train is running on schedule.






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