Did I say 10-1 yesterday? I meant Infinity to 1

Well today got off to another rip roaring good start. I really need to stop getting on the computer before I got to the gym in the morning. I read my messsages and lost all desire to go to the gym. I went anyway just because I’m paying for it so I might as well go. I didn’t even do any lifting and just did 25 very slow minutes on the treadmill. Blah to this cold and rainy day.

I’m guilty of many things in life. Overanalyzing things is one. Always seeing the worst in people and situations is another. Combine the two and it makes for lots of unhappiness. I do believe that it is time to look back in history and realize that the world can’t handle a happy Fannin so it will never be allowed to happen again. A huge fluke occurred back in the day and I was able to slip through the cracks and be happy for awhile but the world has more than made up for that brief moment in time five fold since then. In my overanalysis of the situation, there is just far too many downsides and certainties of doom and destruction.

Brent Blades loves my baseball analogies so here we go. I’m down 3-0 in the World Series…it is the top of the ninth, I have two outs, no one on base and I’m losing 6-0 and the Yankees have just brought in Mariano Rivera to slam the door on my fingers. Derrek Lee is out with a broken wrist and as all baseball fans know, you can’t hit a 6 or 7 run homer. Even if I get lucky and come back to tie this game or take the lead, the Yankees still have the last at bat and then I would still have to win the next three games in a row. It doesn’t look good for the streak to be over. I’m not saying that the fat lady is singing just yet but she is at the microphone and ready to start.

But as Brent Blades also knows, in the past, I wouldn’t even have shown up to play against the Yankees in the World Series. I would have just forfeited and admitted defeat without even trying. So I guess this is a step in the right direction at least.

Hell even the Cubs had a huge comeback last night capped off by Jacque Jones of all people…of course the Florida Marlins are no Yankees but still.

My lunch is almost ready. Nothing beats my grandma’s chili on a cold rainy day.

Until next time…since Fusion just asked and I’m sure others will as well, no I’m not giving up.






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