Doubt vs. self confidence…who will win?

Today was not one of my better days to say the least. I woke up around the normal time after having a rough night with nightmares. I had no energy when I got up so I spent some time on the computer before getting dressed to go to the gym. I didn’t do much at the gym at all. My left knee felt like crap on the treadmill so I cut it off after 20 minutes. I didn’t do much lifting either. I just couldn’t get myself into gear. Way too much on my mind and none of it was going in a positive direction at all. I had to take a nap this afternoon cause I just didn’t feel like staying awake or doing anything else.

I missed the end of the Cubs game but I see that they had a huge comeback and won. 11-7 is a good record at this point. It is definitely better than I thought they would be without Prior and Wood and Lee.

Fusion and Sox want me to go to Streamwood since it is the weekend of their birthdays. I need more incentive than that to go to non IWA shows. I shall see what I can come up with to put it over the top and get me to attend the show. I have an idea. I just haven’t decided whether to push my luck or not.

I have absolutely nothing else to go into right now. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day. We shall see.

Happy Fannin? Well I’ll need a lot of help and quite a few lucky breaks.

Until next time…odds are 10-1 against self confidence.






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