Haircuts, gym and leaving for Louisville

14 years of tradition has been broken. I got a haircut yesterday and the Fannin Flop is no more. I have gotten rid of my hair. It is maybe one step up from a crew cut. I like how it looks when the hair is wet but when it is dry I think it is too short. My grandma absolutely despises it.

I went to the gym today and did 2 sets of 45 minutes on the treadmill. The first set I did 2.65 miles and 630 calories. The second set I did 2.73 miles and 650 calories. I also did some lifting so I was very pleased with today’s workout. My legs are much sorer than yesterday.

I mowed the lawn yesterday and got a sunburn on my shoulders while I was wearing the “Jimamania” “Jim Rules” tank top. Milky White skin + 2 hours of sun = fried skin. But it doesn’t hurt too bad.

I am about to head out to Louisville. That will give everyone quite a break from all these small updates about basically nothing. Enjoy the vacation.

I will let everyone know how this weekend went when I return. I forsee a mixed bag but hopefully more good than bad.

Until next time…






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